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Are parents introspective when they are photographed by a boy while breastfeeding?

Whether or not to breastfeed in public has always been a hot topic in the society. Breastfeeding outside has always been a sensitive topic, but when you go out with your baby, you will inevitably encounter such embarrassment. But what's more embarrassing is that she was photographed with her mobile phone while she was breastfeeding, and she was a 6-year-old boy. Should parents reflect on such a big bear child taking photos of other people's private parts?

Recently, Ms. Bai in Changsha met with such a situation, but when she asked the other party to delete the photos, she was said to be "making a mountain out of a molehill". Although the boy's family finally deleted the photo, Ms. Bai was still a little aggrieved, 'can we use the child as an excuse'?

"We strongly call for the establishment of more mother and child rooms in public places and the early introduction of sex education courses. At 1:07 p.m. on August 19, Ms. Bai, a resident of Changsha, sent out a long circle of friends, in which she described in detail her embarrassing experience in the morning: when she stayed in the community health service center to nurse her children, she was photographed by a 6-year-old boy, and in the process of stopping, she had a dispute with the other party's family members. On the morning of August 20, Ms. Bai, who was interviewed on the other end of the phone, still felt wronged. "I have my concerns, and I don't want to intensify the conflict. '

'I took several pictures in a row, then turned around and ran,' Ms. Bai said. She didn't know what kind of psychology the boy was taking pictures for, and she was worried that the other side would leak out the picture of her breast-feeding, so she stopped the boy from taking pictures and let her mother-in-law go after him. In a hurry, Ms. Bai's mother-in-law caught up with the boy, grabbed him to prevent him from running away, and grabbed the mobile phone in the boy's hand. For fear of misunderstanding, Ms. Bai immediately asked her mother-in-law to return her mobile phone to the boy and tried to find his family. 'then the child's grandmother came and said that her grandson was only five or six years old and didn't understand anything. 'Ms. Bai said,' they said we scared her grandson. '

How should parents make correct guidance?

In response to Ms. Bai's questions and concerns, the reporter interviewed Dani, director of Changsha Qiushi Education Consulting Center and a psychological expert. She believed that in such a situation, the photographed and the boy's parents should communicate more, and remind other parents with children to make correct guidance.

1. First, dredge the bad mood, and then reason with the children. Dany said that from the age point of view, the boy is not so complex as an adult. His photos may be just pure curiosity or fun. After this experience, the little boy who took the picture may also feel aggrieved. It is suggested that the parents should do emotional counseling first, let the boy speak out his thoughts at that time, and then educate him after the bad emotional counseling. 'tell him the truth and let him understand why the aunt is angry. '

2. Tell children there are rules for dealing with the opposite sex

Children around 6 years old are about to enter the first grade of primary school. They need to integrate into a group. When they encounter problems of communication with the opposite sex, parents should tell their children that there are boundaries and guidelines. In addition, sex education is also a very important aspect of family education. 6-year-old children have reached the stage of recognizing gender. Parents can usually teach them to recognize gender by reading some children's picture books and telling stories. Meanwhile, they can tell them what can be done and what can't be done.

3. Adults should communicate more without being too nervous

Dany reminded that as the photographed, they should communicate with the parents of their children at that time. After the incident, the party may first think that they are offended and associate with a series of terrible things. But calm down to realize that the other side is just a 6-year-old or so child, the child's thinking is not as complex as adults think, at the same time, they can adjust their own mood, do not have to be too nervous.