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You can't take a girl's ring around. You know what it means

The ring is an ornament, which is inferior to the part decorated on the face and neck, but the ornament on the hand is also very important, so the ring is a very important ornament, why is it important? Because the wedding ring that symbolizes marriage is on the ring finger of the left hand. So the wearing method of each finger of the ring has different meanings, and the wearing methods of men and women also have different meanings. Today, let's talk about how to wear a female ring.

First of all, rings are not usually worn on thumbs. Let's talk about it according to whether we are married or in love or not.

Look at the right hand first:

Right little finger: no love

Right ring finger: in love

Middle finger of the right hand: famous flowers have masters

Right index finger: single aristocrat

Let's look at the left hand:

Left little finger: the unmarried

Left ring finger: Marriage

Left middle finger: engagement

Left index finger: Unmarried

This is the international standard. If you take it wrong, it must be very embarrassing. Let's take a look at the traditional meaning of wearing rings in China.

Engagement: middle finger of left hand

Marriage: ring finger of left hand

Unmarried: middle or ring finger of right hand