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Is the official IOS 12 worth updating? What are the new features of the official IOS 12

Is the official IOS 12 worth updating? What are the new features of the official IOS 12 Recently, Apple's autumn conference, known as the Spring Festival Gala of science and technology, ended. In addition to the regular upgrade of mobile phones, watches and other hardware, it also officially released the official version of IOS 12. Many users who hold iPhones don't know if IOS 12 is worth updating. What are the new functions of IOS 12? Let's have a look.

Is the official version of IOS 12 worth updating?

It is reported that IOS 12 has been officially pushed to users one after another on September 17. Some small partners who haven't received the push need not worry, because sometimes the push will be delayed. As Apple's regular users know, iPhone upgrades are getting more and more stuck, and Apple's official claim that IOS 12 is to solve these problems. IOS 12 will improve the speed of various applications and greatly improve the fluency of mobile phones, but these are official claims, which need market feedback. Users of old iPhone devices might as well wait for some time to see how others react after upgrading.

What's new in IOS 12

Speed is only fast

According to the official description, IOS 12 has increased the app's startup speed by 40%, the camera's startup speed by 70% and the keyboard's pop-up speed by 50%. IOS 12 supports devices after iPhone 5S, which undoubtedly makes the old users like the big and common.

Siri knows you better

At the beginning of Siri's birth, it was once Apple's main buying point, claiming to have pioneered artificial intelligence and voice assistant. However, it turns out that Siri is used to set an alarm clock or be ridiculed at most in daily life. With the rise of voice assistant in China, users complain that Siri is an artificial intellectual disability. However, the IOS 12 version of Siri is expected to adapt this situation. Apple adds custom functions for Siri, using Users can set it according to their preferences to make Siri smarter.

Screen time function

No matter at home or abroad, children are more dependent on playing with mobile phones now. Of course, Apple has noticed this phenomenon. So in order to prevent children from addicting to mobile phones, IOS 12 holidays the function of screen time, which allows users to limit the time of APP use and check how long the screen wakes up.

More humanized functions

In addition to the new functions mentioned above, IOS 12 also provides more personalized functions, such as automatic filling of SMS verification code, more rich dynamic expression packs, and custom settings. Let users use more handy.

Change of notice column

In previous versions of IOS, the iPhone received various notification messages when it was in standby mode, and the notification bar display was also disordered. In the latest version of IOS 12, apple specially set groups for the notification bar to make the information display more orderly and convenient for users to view.