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Two hundred million single and eight million divorced. The number of single dogs in China is amazing

Marriage is like a besieged city where people want to escape and people standing outside want to rush in! According to the news, the number of single adults in mainland China has reached 200 million, equivalent to the total population of Russia and Britain. And experts say being single can easily hurt the economy!

According to the 2015 social service development statistics bulletin published by the Ministry of civil affairs, in 2015, there were 3.841 million couples (nearly 8 million people) who went through divorce procedures according to law in China, with a rough divorce rate of 2.8 & permil;.

As a single editor, she suddenly felt that her team was so huge. Before, she felt so lonely. Unexpectedly, she turned around and had hundreds of millions of company behind her.

Expert: single damages the economy?

With such a large number of single people and disposable income and willingness to consume, no wonder some people call it "single business opportunity". 200 million single youth should be able to contribute a lot to the economic development, right?

No! Recently, experts have analyzed that being single is likely to cause economic damage.

Despite the large number, disposable income and willingness to spend, mainland single adults do not seem to make a significant contribution to the economy as expected!

Although people's sense of security about staying single is increasing, there is evidence that singles are still more insecure about family responsibilities, financial burdens and emotional stress than married people, the report said.

According to a survey, the purchasing power and average expenditure of a nuclear family are much higher than that of a person's family. Married people are more confident in their financial situation and stability because they are not the only source of income in the family.

Singles are often under pressure to plan for their own future, which makes them more likely to choose to invest in insurance and financial products rather than buying high-value goods.

On the other hand, young parents may spend a considerable amount of money on baby care products, and they are more willing to spend a lot of money on their other half to promote domestic consumption.

According to industry analysis, it is not consumption that has a negative impact on the economy, but because the responsibilities faced by single people are less than those of their married peers, it is easy to form a leisure attitude towards life, which will make them lack motivation to work.

In fact, in the eyes of some analysts, they may actually be doing damage to the economy!