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Effect and function of orange peel

Orange is also called orange. It is a kind of fruit with a lot of vitamins. It's nutritious, sweet and sour. It's one of the fruits that many people like to eat. But the orange peel is often thrown away because we don't know the medicinal value of orange peel. It's too wasteful. Let's take a look at the medicinal value of orange peel?

Orange peel contains a large amount of vitamin C and essential oil. It can be washed and dried and stored like tea leaves. It can be washed with the tea leaves or can be washed separately. It is refreshing and refreshing.

Orange peel is a kind of good traditional Chinese medicine, which has the functions of rational gasification of phlegm, strengthening stomach and dehumidification, reducing blood pressure and so on. It can be washed and dried, soaked in white spray, and drunk after 2-3 weeks. It can clear lung and turn phlegm. The longer the immersion time, the better the wine taste.

Orange peel is rich in vitamin C, and has high clinical medicinal value. It can be used to treat carsickness, cough and expectoration, constipation, alcoholism, halitosis, fish and crab poisoning, stomach cold and vomiting, dyspepsia and so on. It is the raw material of tangerine peel, which is mostly used for drying.

When cooking porridge, put in a few pieces of orange peel, which tastes fragrant and refreshing, and can also play an appetizing role. When cooking meat or ribs, add a few pieces of orange peel, the taste is delicious and not greasy. Orange peel can be made into sweet orange shreds, sweet orange dice, sweet orange peel, orange peel sauce, orange peel fragrance and other delicious food.

After reading the above introduction, don't you think it's amazing? We usually ignore the orange peel when we eat it. We know the medicinal value of the orange peel. After eating the orange, we can't throw away the orange peel. Finally, the orange peel can stop coughing, especially for children with pneumonia and cough.