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Who are the anchors of the performance competition of the 7th anniversary Carnival of lol;

The 7th anniversary Carnival of the League of heroes will open on September 13. When the 7th anniversary carnival is about to open in Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park Stadium, many fanatical fans want to go to the scene to experience the feast, but friends who can't visit the scene can still feel the atmosphere of the scene without dead ends through the full HD live broadcast.

A lot of friends are more concerned about the 7-year Carnival of lol, which hosts are there?

List of presenters of the performance competition of lol's seventh anniversary Carnival:

Douyu: big quail, cave master, Monkey King, Zhou Shuyi

Huya: nanboer, frog, Sao man, and Duji

BiliBili: love, Lori, Miyamoto dog rain

Flag: Vincent, black horse

Panda live platform: Tiger God and descendants of Warcraft

National broadcast: ss17 and North America

Quick hosts: Kwai Mei and Chen Ze

Penguin E-sports: eight way milk powder and peach bean