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What are the new features of iPhone XS / XS max? IPhone XS / XS Max configuration and price comparis

The most important release of Apple's press conference must be the new iPhone. In 2018, Apple released a new generation of iPhone XS / XS max. what are the functions, configurations and prices of iPhone XS / XS max? Let's have a look with friends who are interested in it.

How about the configuration of iPhone XS / XS max

Netease mobile news: in the early morning of September 13, 2018, apple held its 2018 Apple autumn new product launch at the jobs theater in the apple park headquarters park. As expected, this time Apple released a new iPhone XS and iPhone XS max with a full upgrade of iPhone X. The iPhone XS series has three color options: gold, silver and gray.

Double card and double waiting to be the biggest highlight of iPhone XS / XS Max

The iPhone XS / XS Max uses 5.8 inch / 6.5 inch OLED screens respectively, supports hdr10 viewing, upgrades to IP68 level waterproof and dustproof standards, pixel density reaches 458ppi, supports 3D touch and faster face ID.

Of course, in terms of appearance design, this generation of iPhone XS series has no obvious difference from the previous generation. It is still a standard screen design. The two new models of the iPhone XS series have almost the same function configuration except for the different screen size, except for the dual card option. Of course, if you buy a golden iPhone XS series and usually the phone does not have a protective shell, you can still let everyone know whether the new iPhone x is the old one at a glance in the crowd.

In terms of hardware configuration, the iPhone XS / XS Max is equipped with the latest and strongest A12 bionic chip, which is 50% faster than a11. At the same time, it is the first 7Nm processor chip that is actually mass-produced. With 6.9 million diode settings, its performance has been improved a lot, energy efficiency has been reduced by 40% and speed has been increased by 50%. The launch of neural network engine has greatly improved this year. This year, it is an 8-core design and an intelligent computer system. A11 neural engine runs 600 billion times per second, and A12 can run 5 trillion times per second, which are independently designed by apple.

In addition, in terms of storage capacity, this generation of iPhone XS series has added 512gb capacity version on the basis of 64GB and 256gb. Of course, it's not sure whether the running memory has changed at present, and it can only be determined after getting the running score test of the real machine.

In terms of lens, Apple iPhone has always been the most popular and popular camera in the world. The 12 megapixel wide-angle camera + 12 megapixel lens settings support the OIS optical anti shake function. The wide-angle lens is f1.8 large aperture, and the other lens is F2.4 aperture. The front camera uses 7 megapixel camera; The smart HDR function of Apple's camera is further optimized, which is to let ordinary users take professional photos. In addition, the new depth of field adjustment function is highly praised by users. For camera shooting, based on the A12 chip, the iPhone XS series have four microphone design, supporting 4K shooting.

In terms of endurance, the endurance of iPhone XS is 30 minutes higher than that of iPhone x, and that of iPhone XS Max is one and a half hours higher than that of iPhone X. It is worth noting that in terms of dual card and dual standby, only iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are supported, while iPhone XS does not support dual card function. This is very good news for domestic users. The foreign version is a physical SIM card slot + ESIM card, while there are two physical SIM card slots for China. Of course, mobile phones with dual entity cards are not only supported in mainland China, but also in Hong Kong and Macao.

In terms of selling price, the iPhone XS is priced at 999 US dollars (about 6850 yuan), the iPhone XS Max is priced at 1099 US dollars (about 7536 yuan), officially launched on September 21, the iPhone 7 of other product lines is updated to 449 US dollars (about 3079 yuan), and the iPhone 8 is updated to 599 US dollars (about 4107 yuan).

Chinese mainland is also one of the first countries and regions to sell, and Apple's official website also announced the corresponding price. The price of iPhone XS's 64/256/512GB version is 8699, 10099, 11899 yuan, while the price of 64/256/512GB version of iPhone XS Max is 9599, 10999, 12799 yuan, two new machines will start selling in September 14th, and September 21st will be officially launched.

Introduction to the latest iPhone XS / XS Max pictures