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What to eat on Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. There are many traditional festivals that eat naturally. What do you eat on Mid Autumn Festival? Let's follow Xiaobian to understand.

What should I eat on Mid Autumn Festival?

According to different customs, there are various kinds of food. What should we eat on the Mid Autumn Festival? There are chestnuts, snails, taro, grapefruit, duck, pumpkin, osmanthus wine, lotus root box, crab, etc. Let's show you what to eat on Mid Autumn Festival.

Moon Cake

Eating moon cakes in the Mid Autumn Festival is a long-standing traditional custom in China. People are fresh and fragrant. They taste mooncakes and enjoy the moon. They are happy and reunited. As a kind of food with good filling, moon cake appeared in the Northern Song Dynasty. Su Dongpo, a poet and gourmet, has a poem about "small cakes like chewing the moon, with crisp and Yi in them". As a kind of food, called "moon cake", it was first seen in the Southern Song Dynasty's "the old story of Wulin & middot; steaming for food". At that time, Hangzhou folk had the idea of "moon cakes feeding each other, taking the meaning of mid autumn reunion". By the end of the Yuan Dynasty, mooncakes had become the beauty of the Mid Autumn Festival.


Eating Ciba in the Mid Autumn Festival in August originated from the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period more than 2000 years ago. It is a traditional custom handed down to this day in memory of general Wu Zixu of the state of Chu. Ciba is a kind of keepsake and holy food. In the mid autumn of August, Ciba is pounded. Eating Ciba and appreciating the moon is a symbol of family unity, happiness and good luck. The conglomeration of Ciba symbolizes the harmony and unity of the whole family; the sweetness of Ciba symbolizes the sweetness and happiness of life; the earlier you get up in the early morning, the greater the harvest of the next year; the size of Ciba is round, which symbolizes people's' predestination ', celebration, auspiciousness and reunion; of course, eating the round Ciba naturally symbolizes the harmony, reunion and peace of the whole family.

Ciba is the condensation of circle, which is always accompanied by circle. The steamer of steamed glutinous rice, the nest of making glutinous rice cake, the dustpan of putting glutinous rice cake, the soybeans, peanuts, sesame and other stuffing are all in the same place with the circle. In some places of Sichuan folk, sweet osmanthus is added to the glutinous rice cake and mashed to make the glutinous rice cake, which is dipped with fried yellow bean noodles and white sugar to eat. It tastes quiet and elegant, sweet and refreshing, and has a unique flavor.


The Mid Autumn Festival is when pomegranates mature. Because its red is like agate, white is like crystal, and its entrance is like crystal jade paste, pomegranate becomes one of the offerings on the table, symbolizing longevity, reunion and auspiciousness. When this thing is not peeled off, its playability is greater than its visibility. It's cool, round and smooth to touch. After it's peeled off, its visibility is greater than its eating ability. It looks like a small gem gathered together. It's good-looking. It also means taking a reunion.

Wheat arrow

Farmers in Qingyun County, Shandong Province offer sacrifices to Tu Gu Shen on August 15, which is called "Qingmiao society". In addition to offering sacrifices to the moon, other places like Zhucheng, Linyi and Jimo also had to go to their graves to offer sacrifices to their ancestors. Landlords in Guanxian, Laiyang, Guangrao and Youcheng also entertained tenants on the Mid Autumn Festival. Jimo Mid Autumn Festival to eat a festival food called 'wheat arrow'. Wheat arrow is a kind of food for Mid Autumn Festival in Jimo. It is first spread out with white flour into pancakes, and then add meat or vegetable filling, and then roll with sorghum into a tube like steaming, when eating with spices, the taste is very delicious.


During the Mid Autumn Festival, regardless of the rich or the poor, people in Western Shaanxi will eat watermelons. Watermelons will also be cut into lotus flowers. As a good product to relieve summer heat, it is cold and cold, has a lot of sugar, can clear heat and relieve fire, and has the effects of wide middle and lower Qi, diuresis, blood dysentery and alcohol detoxification. When the mid autumn moon is full, you can enjoy the cool and enjoy the moon while eating the watermelon to relieve the summer heat. It's cool and pleasant, and it's even more enjoyable for your family to get together. In addition, eat a piece of watermelon in addition to the moon cake, clearing away heat and greasiness. As time goes by, eating watermelon has become the habit of Shaanxi people to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, so today's Shaanxi people will eat watermelon in the Mid Autumn Festival. The watermelon is cut into lotus shape just to match the festival atmosphere of Mid Autumn Festival and increase the happiness and auspiciousness.


Mulao people in Yunnan Province, China, buy pancakes and kill ducks on August 15 to celebrate the traditional festival. In order to commemorate the three members of the tanglan family who mobilized the villagers to kill the bogeyman by selling sugar in the village. Every August 15, Mulam people bought cakes and killed ducks, so as to educate future generations not to forget the struggle against aggression. Fujian people also have the custom of eating ducks in the Mid Autumn Festival, so it's the fattest season for ducks. Fujianren uses the areca taro, which is rich in Fujian Province, to cook with ducks. It's called areca taro to roast duck. It tastes very good.


Hairy crabs are an indispensable part of the mid autumn festival food in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. It's the best way to kill time to have one hairy crabs for each person with ginger and vinegar. However, hairy crabs are cool. When you eat them, you need some yellow wine to warm your stomach. After eating, you can drink a cup of ginger tea, which is good for your health.


In Shunde county annals in Xianfeng Period of Qing Dynasty, it is recorded that 'on August wangri, there are still taros and snails to eat. 'people think that the mid autumn snail can be seen clearly. According to analysis, snail meat is rich in nutrition, and vitamin A is an important substance of eye pigment. It makes sense to eat snails. But why do we have to be particularly keen on eating on the Mid Autumn Festival? Around the Mid Autumn Festival, when the snail is empty, there are no small snails in the abdomen. Therefore, the meat is particularly fat, which is the best time to eat the snail. Now in Guangzhou, many families have the habit of fried snails during the Mid Autumn Festival.