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How much is the National Bank of iPhones? Price of each version of iPhones in 2018

The iPhone is going to be launched soon, and the price is also a concern. How much will the national version of the iPhone in 2018 cost? Now I have sorted out the prices of different versions of iphonexes. Let's have a look.

How much is the iPhone?

2018 new iPhone price:

iPhone XS:

64GB version of 899 US dollars (BOC 7388 yuan)

256gb version 1049 US dollars (8588 yuan of Bank of China)

512gb version of 1199 US dollars (National Bank 9888 yuan)

iPhone XS Max:

64GB version: USD 999 (BOC 8388)

US $1149 for 256gb Version (BOC 9388)

US $1299 for 512gb Version (BOC 10888)

iPhone XC:

64GB version of US $699 (BOC 5888)

USD 849 for 256gb Version (Bank of China 6888 yuan)

The iPhone XC is rumored to be a low profile version of the iPhone x with A12 processor, with a single rear camera and a Liu Haiping screen.

However, the specific name of the new machine can not be confirmed until it is released.