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What is the nutritional value of Hongti

I believe that everyone has eaten red raisins. Many people see whether red raisins are salivating. Red raisins are also very bright red in color, attracting people's eyes. Red raisins have very high nutritional value, and there are many ways to eat them. But most people in life don't know very well. So, what is the nutritional value of red raisins What about it? Next let's have a look.

Hongti is listed as the top four fruits in the world. It contains many kinds of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals. It tastes sweet, sour and smooth, replenishes Qi and blood, strengthens muscles and bones, stops coughing, nourishes the face and calms down the fetus. Red grape has big spike, bright color, crisp and hard texture, high sugar content. The weight of a single fruit can reach more than 20 grams, and the weight of a single spike can reach about 1 kg. There are many benefits of eating red clover frequently. In order to let you know more about the nutritional value and edible effect of red clover, the following editor will share the nutritional knowledge about red clover as follows, hoping to help you.

One of the nutritional value of red raisin is anti anemia. Red grape contains vitamin B12, which has the effect of anti anemia, especially the red wine made by fermentation of red grape with skin. Each liter contains about 12-15 mg of vitamin B12. Therefore, drinking red wine often is beneficial to the treatment of pernicious anemia.

The second is the nutritional value of red raisin. Modern pharmacological research has proved that red grape also contains vitamin P. 15 grams of red grape seed oil can reduce the toxicity of gastric acid, 12 grams of oil can achieve the effect of choleretic, so red grape seed oil can effectively treat gastritis, enteritis and vomiting.

The third is the nutritional value of red raisin. Red grape contains a compound called resveratrol, which can prevent normal cells from canceration, inhibit the proliferation of malignant cells, and has a strong anti-cancer and anti-cancer function.

Fourth, anti atherosclerosis. It was found that red wine could reduce the content of LDL while increasing the content of HDL in plasma. Low density lipoprotein can cause atherosclerosis, but high density lipoprotein not only can not cause atherosclerosis, but also has the effect of anti atherosclerosis. So often eat red grapes, drink red wine, can effectively reduce the death caused by coronary heart disease. At the same time, the content of potassium in red grape is also relatively high, which can effectively help the human body accumulate calcium, promote renal function, and regulate the number of heart beats.

Five of the nutritive value of red fruits, diuresis and detumescence. According to Li Shizhen, a famous medical expert in ancient China, the roots, vines and leaves of Hongti grape all have good diuretic, sedative and detumescence effects, which can effectively treat such diseases as pregnancy aversion, nausea, noise and swelling.

Six, tonifying and stimulating brain nerve. Red grape fruit, organic acid, glucose, amino acid, vitamin content are very rich, often eat can benefit and excite the brain nerve, to treat neurasthenia and eliminate excessive fatigue also has a certain effect.

7. Antiviral and bactericidal. Red extract contains natural polyphenol, which can be combined with the protein of virus or bacteria to make it lose the ability of infectious diseases, especially for hepatitis virus and poliovirus.

Eight, delay aging. The sugar in the red extract is mainly glucose, which can be quickly absorbed by the human body. When the body appears hypoglycemia, if drinking grape juice in time, the symptoms can be relieved quickly. In addition, the flavonoid in red extract is also a powerful antioxidant, which can resist aging.

The ninth of the nutritional value of red raisin is the dissolution of wine. Red grape juice has a lot of health care effects on human body. Drinking it before and after meals can play a role in relieving alcohol. Regular consumption can clear free radicals in the body, prevent platelet aggregation, prevent the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein in the human body, and have many anti-tumor effects.

Through the above detailed introduction of the rich nutritional value and some edible effects of red raisins, I believe that now you should have more knowledge and understanding of the nutritional value of red raisins. It is very beneficial to eat red raisins often, but you should pay special attention to the eating taboo of red raisins.