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What's the matter with swollen face? How can swollen face reduce swelling

When there is a problem in the body, some signals will be released. Body edema is one of them. Today, let's talk about the facial edema. What is the cause of facial swelling? Is the face swollen to use hot compress or cold compress? Come and have a look.

What is the cause of facial edema

There are many reasons, generally due to some diseases of the body. Many people have chronic diseases. There will be swelling in the body, but there is also a part of it because of their own habits, drinking more water, not enough sleep.

1. If kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, endocrine and electrolyte disorders can't be found out, you can go to the allergy Department (don't be afraid of the name, it should be the allergy Department) to the elderly, not only the appearance appears old, but also the function of internal organs is declining.

2. It is mainly due to the decrease of cardiac blood output, the decrease of renal blood flow, the relaxation of subcutaneous tissue, the decrease of water evaporated from the skin, the reduction of cell volume, and the flow of intracellular fluid to extracellular stroma, resulting in edema.

3. Facial edema or edema is often caused by acute and chronic nephritis. In the early stage, there may be ocular edema and ankle edema, not only facial edema but also systemic edema. Pertussis, thoracic and mediastinal tumors, aortic arc aneurysm, long-term use of adrenal hormones, adrenal dysfunction, occasionally swollen face. The swelling of a part of the face caused by maladjustment or infection, or food poisoning.

4. Because the bottom of the human body is affected by the gravity of the earth, the edema is more obvious. Too much standing time, more obvious edema.

5. Diseases of internal organs can also cause edema, which is caused by diseases. At this point, edema is just a symptom of the disease. Although many diseases can cause edema, the law of edema is different in different diseases.

6. The swelling of your face is caused by excessive water intake. For edema, it's no big deal. Just reduce the water intake for one day, and eat some diuretic substances, such as red beans, or other beans.

7. If you have the condition of staying up late or the quality of sleep is not good, and the sleep is insufficient, you will also have swollen face. There is no way. You can only mend your sleep or improve your sleep quality.

Is the swelling hot or cold

Generally, it is recommended to apply cold compress first for local edema, let the skin temperature drop first to prevent bacterial invasion, and then choose hot compress later, mainly for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Let the whole body relax.

1. If the swelling is caused by falling injury, a large number of capillaries inside the tissue of the injured part are broken, and the blood seeps out rapidly, forming local congestion and swelling. Cold compress can be applied within 24 hours after the injury, so as to make the local blood vessels contract, reduce the congestion and swelling of the affected part, and block the blood outlet as soon as possible; cold compress can cool down the local area, slow the sensory nerve response, and have the effect of relieving pain.

2. 24 hours after the injury, massage or hot compress the affected area, promote blood circulation, accelerate the absorption and elimination of congestion, and help the injured tissue to repair and heal.

3. Hot compress should be used 4-5 days after injury. Hot compress can accelerate the blood supply of local area, wash away the blood stasis in the affected area and relieve the tense muscles. It can be treated with steam, hot towel or microwave heated warm bag for 10-15 minutes each time.

4. In order to prevent too cold or too hot, you can use a towel or clothing pad in the affected area.

5. On the contrary, hot compress can increase body temperature, expand blood vessels, promote local blood circulation, increase body metabolism rate, promote inflammation absorption, eliminate tissue edema, increase ligament, restore muscle elasticity and promote healing.

6. So cold and hot compress can't be used universally. Generally speaking, ice compress is used within 24 hours after injury, and hot compress is used 48 hours later. In case of bleeding, apply cold compress to stop bleeding, and then apply hot compress after two or three days.

7. When using ice, you should pay attention not to let the ice directly contact with the skin. You should wrap the ice with towel or use ice bag. Do not apply ice for a long time, but use local and temporary methods, and apply ice to the affected area for about a quarter of an hour.

8. At present, it is necessary to stop the relevant allergens in time, and do not grasp or squeeze them, otherwise it is easy to cause infection. You can use loratadine for anti allergy and other symptomatic treatment. If necessary, you can go to the dermatology department for further examination and treatment.

9. If people are frozen, they will naturally become puffy, just as you put pork in the refrigerator, because after freezing, its volume will increase. If people often get cold outside, water retention, naturally there will be swelling of the face.