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Is mammary gland hyperplasia related to mood? Symptoms of mammary gland hyperplasia

Hyperplasia of mammary gland is a situation that many women may encounter. Do you know the symptoms of hyperplasia of mammary gland? Is it true that breast hyperplasia is related to mood? How should treat after getting mammary gland hyperplasia? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

Is mammary gland hyperplasia related to mood

There is a great deal of relationship, long-term depression is easy to get breast hyperplasia.

1. Breast hyperplasia is the most common breast disease in modern women. The high incidence rate of breast hyperplasia in modern women is worth the vigilance of all women. What factors can cause breast hyperplasia? With the increasing pressure of life, some people's emotions have changed differently. However, this emotional change has made city women in recent years. The incidence rate of gynecological diseases is increasing.

2, breast hyperplasia is the most prominent. The disease ranks first in the incidence rate of breast diseases, which seriously affects the physical and mental health of the majority of female friends.

3. About the treatment of mammary gland hyperplasia: Western medicine is mainly to improve the symptoms. Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that we should adjust our mentality, relax our emotions, and adjust our daily life. We can use Xiaoyao Pill, a Chinese patent medicine, to treat the symptoms. At ordinary times, we can use rose with jujube and wolfberry to make tea and drink to activate the blood and Qi. The regulation of mammary gland hyperplasia is a long-term process. We should not be nervous and anxious, and the bad mood will increase.

4. Phytoestrogen is not equal to estrogen. Phytoestrogens refer to a large group of compounds derived from plants that are similar to estrogen (estradiol) in chemical structure and function. They can selectively bind to estrogen receptor and play the role of estrogen when the level of estrogen is low.

Symptoms of breast hyperplasia

Or around the female body, irregular menstruation, the performance of these columns.

1. Menstrual disorders: Patients with this disease can also see irregular before and after menstruation, less or light color, with dysmenorrhea.

2. Nipple overflow: a small number of patients may have nipple overflow, which is spontaneous overflow, straw yellow or brown serous overflow.

3. Emotional instability: what are the symptoms of mammary gland hyperplasia? Patients often have poor emotional will or irritability, which aggravates after anger, mental tension or fatigue.

4. Breast has lump: lump can be found in unilateral or bilateral breast, single or multiple, often in the upper quadrant outside the breast, but also in other quadrants. The shape of the mass is patchy, nodular, cordate and granular, among which patchy is the most common. The mass boundary is not obvious, the texture is medium or slightly hard and tough, the activity is good, there is no adhesion with surrounding tissues, and there is often tenderness.

Notes on hyperplasia of mammary gland

1. Edible fungi: tremella, Auricularia auricula, Lentinus edodes, Hericium erinaceus, Poria cocos, etc. are natural biological response regulators, which can enhance human immune ability, enhance the body's resistance, and have strong anti-cancer effect.

2. To eat less high-fat food investigation shows that the intake of too much fat and animal protein promotes the innate and release of some hormones in the human body, which will stimulate the hyperplasia of mammary gland epithelial cells, which is one of the important causes of breast disease.

3. Breast hyperplasia needs to avoid spicy and irritant food. Breast hyperplasia diet needs to avoid spicy and irritant condiments or food, such as ginger, garlic, pepper, leek and pepper. It is spared that the irritant diet aggravates the condition of breast hyperplasia.

4. It is found that women with menstrual cycle disorder are more prone to breast hyperplasia than others. Regulating menstruation through endocrine is one of the methods to prevent breast hyperplasia, and it can also strengthen the therapeutic effect of female breast hyperplasia.

5, some women for skin beauty, long-term use of estrogen containing cream, so that the level of estrogen in the body is relatively high, for a long time can induce breast hyperplasia.

6. Emotional and other mental factors. Mental tension, emotional depression and other adverse mental factors are easy to form mammary gland hyperplasia, and these adverse factors will aggravate the existing symptoms of mammary gland hyperplasia. So don't complain that you are old and no longer young. Have a positive attitude towards life and face every day with a happy and relaxed mood.