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Is the meat of a rooster better than that of a hen

Chicken is a common healthy diet in China. Whether it's for daily tonic or just in time for holidays, eating chicken as a symbol of nutrition and celebration is essential. However, chickens are divided into hens and cocks. So, which is the high nutritional value of cock or hen?

Is it better to eat Rooster or hen

According to Yang Li, traditional Chinese medicine believes that roosters are Yang in nature and have strong warming and tonifying effects, which are suitable for the patients with Yang deficiency and Qi weakness, while those with hypertension and cancer are not; hens are Yin in nature and have a gentle and slow tonic effect, which are suitable for the puerpera, the elderly and the infirm, and the chronically ill.

Is Chaiji more nutritious than broiler

Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the school of food science and nutrition engineering, China Agricultural University, said that in terms of nutrition supplement, the nutritional difference between Chaiji and broiler can be ignored. However, in terms of flavor and taste, the Chai chicken, which is domesticated, eats vegetable leaves and insects every day and has a long growth cycle, does have a better taste. However, from the perspective of food safety, due to the long-term stocking of Chaiji, it is impossible to trace the source. Once the control is not good, the safety risk is greater.

Which parts of the chicken can't eat

Yang Li, Professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, pointed out that in addition to a large amount of fat, the buttocks of chickens also contain numerous lymphoid tissues, which contain harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses and carcinogens, so it is not recommended to eat them. Chicken neck is the place where glands are concentrated. It's better to peel off the chicken skin and remove the small flesh pimples that can be seen by naked eyes before processing.

The content of fat and cholesterol in chicken skin is high, which is easy to lead to obesity and induce chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. It is suggested that fat and "three high" people peel off the chicken skin, boil it slowly with water alone, boil it into chicken oil, and put a little in wonton and soup, which can play a role in flavor adjustment. The content of cholesterol in chicken liver is high, so it should be enough to eat.

There is no difference in nutrition between frozen chicken and slaughtered chicken

Zhu Yi pointed out that there is no difference in nutrition between frozen chicken and slaughtered chicken. In the current era of avian influenza, people must stay away from live bird trade and on-site slaughter to avoid catching the virus. In addition, do not eat white cut chicken with bloodshot.

Which is the high nutritional value of cock or hen? From the above description, we can find that cocks and hens have different nourishing tendencies. When we eat them daily, we can choose to eat them according to our own constitution or physical health.