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How much is the blue enchanter on Chinese Valentine's Day 2017? How to cultivate the blue witch?

In a flash, Valentine's Day is coming. Naturally, roses are sent to Valentine's day. However, some rich people like to capture the goddess's heart with the blue fairy, so the blue fairy becomes the first choice. How much is a blue witch in the market? Is the blue of a blue witch dyed?

Source of blue enchanter

The origin of the blue witch is the rose. It was originally a kind of processing flower from Holland. The processing principle of blue enchanter is to use a dye and auxiliary dye to mix and synthesize a colorant. When the white rose is about to bloom, it starts to irrigate the flower with dye, so that the flower can naturally absorb these colors, and inhale the blue for dyeing.

This is a more regular source of blue goblin. The color of the blue goblin dyed by this method can be evenly attached to the petals, which looks more natural. For convenience, some vendors directly color the ordinary white roses blue after picking, which is not natural and easy to fade.

Price of blue enchanter

The price of blue goblin should be increased or decreased according to the quality and market demand of flowers. When Valentine's Day is coming, the price of blue goblin will increase exponentially, while in the off-season, the price will fall back to the normal level.

The price of blue fairy maids is about 20 to hundreds of each. Generally, those with bright powder on the surface will be more expensive than those with pure color, and those with watering and dyeing will be more expensive than those with direct coloring.

At present, a Japanese company is developing a genetically modified blue rose, but it has not been mass produced yet. The price of the gene blue rose is initially set at about 200 yuan a piece.