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How to make the 2018 teacher's Day greeting card

Today is teacher's day. Many children want to make greeting cards for their dear teachers to celebrate the teacher's day. Then how to teach children to make greeting cards? Don't worry. I've compiled some ways to make greeting cards. Let's have a look at the making process.

The making method of teachers' day love greeting card is illustrated, lovely and fresh. The idea is very simple. Draw a rectangular box on the front of the card, and then paste the clouds, balloons and love with the card paper and buttons. Teacher's Day is coming. Prepare materials for children. Let them make one in advance!

First take out the white cardboard, cut it into a rectangle and fold it in half.

Then take out the color card paper, cut out the clouds and love, and paste it on the front of the card, where love is pasted by two.

Then paste a lot of color buttons between the cloud and love.

Take out the ballpoint pen, connect the button and love, and draw a frame. The beautiful teacher's Day greeting card is finished!

Pattern paper combination greeting card

Beautiful pattern paper can make a beautiful New Year greeting card. Would you like to try it? New year is coming, make a New Year greeting card for your friends!

Materials: a piece of white paper, exquisite drawings, scissors, transparent glue, silver pen


1. Draw a circle with a compass in the greeting card and cut it off.

2. Choose beautiful pattern paper and fold it as shown in the figure.

3. Overlay the colored paper strip as shown in Figure 3, and fix it with transparent adhesive.

4. Stick the cut round paper on the colored strip.

5. Select a piece of color paper of the same size to paste on the back.

6. Write your blessing and name on the card and it's finished. It is suggested to use silver pen to write, which will be more beautiful (⊙ o ⊙).

Heart button card

Are you tired of the stereotyped paper greeting cards, and do you want to give a surprise to the friends who send them? China Button trading network teaches you to make a love greeting card with buttons and non-woven fabrics. A few simple steps of beautiful button heart greeting cards will be presented in front of you. Hurry up and try!

Required items: 1. Color paper (at least 5 colors; color type to be selected according to your own preference); 2. Large circular punch (about 2.5cm in diameter) or other circular items with the same diameter to make circular button paper; 3. Ordinary punch (used to make button holes of paper buttons); 4. Pin; 5. Strong glue; 6. Buttons-2; 7. Paper card; 8. Needle thread; 9. A small piece of felt cloth; 10. Embroidery thread - two colors; 11. Scissors;

Fold the paper card in half, draw a heart shape on it, and cut it off with scissors; pay attention to the connection between the top of the hearts.

Cut about 20-25 pieces of colored paper with a large round punch to use as buttons; other round objects and scissors / stationery knife can be used to help complete without a punch

Using a punch to punch holes in a piece of paper

Glue all paper buttons to heart-shaped cards with strong glue and let dry

How to make three-dimensional butterfly greeting card for teachers' Day

A pair of unfolding colorful wings make this card both three-dimensional and beautiful. The idea is very simple. Cut out the wings on a piece of white cardboard and paste it on the cover card with colorful background!

Take out a white rectangular cardboard and fold it in half.

Draw two vertical dashes on both sides of the crease.

With the dotted line as the boundary, draw the tentacles and the upper half of the wings of the butterfly.

Then draw the lower part of the wing and the pattern on it.

Carefully cut out the wings, antennae and patterns.

In addition, prepare a cover card of the same size, fold it in half and draw a colorful pattern inside. Fold the wings and paste them on. A beautiful 3D teacher's Day greeting card is made!

Contents of teachers' Day greeting card

The sun is shining in the golden autumn and September, and teachers and students are affectionate. On the occasion of the 34th teacher's day, the campus is sunny and the gardener's heart is full of spring; the rain is moist and the peach and plum branches are red.

Who brings the breath of spring like a swallow? You, full of brightness! Who is cultivating in the wilderness of brambles? You, who have been working on it! Who are you, like soft wind and willows, soothing the ignorant hearts? You, dear teachers!

Teacher, your love is as warm as the sun, as warm as the spring breeze and as sweet as the spring spring. Your love is more severe than father's love, more delicate than mother's love and more pure than friendship.

If the blackboard is a vast sea, you are a sailor on the sea. When the bell rings, you use chalk as oar to ferry us to the other side of knowledge.

Ten li peach blossom is a Ode to you. Ten million peaches and plums are a reflection of your professionalism. Dear teacher, you are the greatest and most brilliant poem.

The mountains do not move, the clear water flows, my teacher's grace, in the heart forever!

Dear teacher -- the season wind of sentiment blows through my eyes, the rain falls in my heart, and I can't help but remember my childhood and greet you quietly.

The melodious bell and the charming flowers are all limited by time. Only my blessing is eternal, always bless you, give me the teacher of wisdom spring!

To the beloved teacher: your heart is as high as the sky, and your kindness is as deep as the mountains! Teacher! Please accept my sincere blessing of love.

As high as the sky is your heart, as deep as the mountains is your kindness, please accept my sincere blessing, happy Teachers' Day!

Oh, dear teacher, it's time to bless you again. But I miss you and appreciate you. It's early in every day and night when I leave you.

Nurtures the student's kindness, the teacher's grace unforgettable engraves the bone inscription, deeply wishes thanks teacher sentiment: the health longevity is like the sea!

Although I am not your best student, but you are my best teacher! Dear teacher, happy holidays! It's dark, I have your eyes. It's dawn, I can't leave your eyes.

Along the way with your teaching, you will not lose your way; along the way with your attention, you will be more confident and brave, teacher, thank you!

May warm joy and happiness & hellip & hellip; be like a fragrant flower in your happy time our favorite teacher.

Once there was a sincere concern in front of me, but I did not cherish it. If God can give me another chance, I will say to you: Thank you, teacher!

Your hard work is your selfless dedication, and your highest honor is to fill the world with peaches and plums. Wish you: happy holidays! Happiness forever!