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Today is teacher's day. It's a holiday to celebrate the great teacher's career. I sincerely say that the teacher has worked hard. Today, I compiled some blessings for teachers' day. Let's have a look.

Teacher's Day greetings short 10 words

Teacher's Day is coming in 2018. Whether you are a student or a graduated social person, send a blessing to your teacher on this day. Even a few words are your intention. The following is a collection of short 10 words about teachers' Day greetings.

1. The teacher has worked hard, happy Teacher's Day!

2. 'teacher' is our sincere thanks.

3. Happy Teachers' Day!

4. I wish the teacher good health and all over the world!

5. Happy Teacher's Day!

6. Thank you for your hard work!

7. The wish of the festival, the teacher is always young.

8. Teaching and education are always on, and teachers' love is priceless.

9. Teacher's day, thank you for your cultivation!

10. You have worked hard, dear teacher!

More than 10 words of blessing on Teachers' Day

1. Teacher, if I can fight against the blue sky, it's the wings you give me to fly; if I'm a warrior fighting against the waves, it's the power you give me to make waves!

2. I always thought I was very strong, but every time I think of school days and your teaching, drizzle and moisten things, it always makes my eyes wet with tears.

3. White chalk powder, falling in waves. It whitens your black hair, but sets off your green youth more strongly. I wish you every success and a good mood every day!

4. Hello teacher, you are always so tall in front of me. Your knowledge and character are always the lighthouse in my heart. Because of you, the world will be so beautiful, because of you, my life will be so colorful!

5. After farewell, in the long years, your voice always rings in my ear; your figure often appears in my mind; your teachings are always in my heart & hellip; hellip; in today's day that belongs to you, I wish you peace and success!

6. I am not your best student, but you are my most revered teacher. In your festival, your students wish you young forever!

7. There is a feeling in the world that transcends family and friendship. That is, the teacher's meticulous care for us and his careful teaching. I sincerely wish the teacher all the best, always healthy, always happy!

8. Teacher, you are like a candle, lighting yourself up, illuminating others, and spitting out all the green silk. In order to let the young generation get the 'golden key' to climb the top of science, you have white hair and worked hard. On teacher's day, I wish you good health and all the best!

9. I wish all teachers good health, all the best, smooth work, happy every minute, happy every day!

10. The teacher is a sacred profession. You work hard to teach and educate us for our study and growth. In this holy festival, we want to say: teacher, you have worked hard!

Teacher's Day greetings

1. The most favorite thing is your teaching, let me learn to abandon my pride; the happiest thing is your criticism, let me learn to understand my virtue; the happiest thing is your praise, let me learn to have a good hope; the happiest thing is that you accompany us to roam in the ocean of knowledge; The most willing thing is to say to you: teacher, you have worked hard!

2. You write down the praises of life with your wisdom pen; you create the spring without regret with your warm blood; you light the beacon of hope with your earnest teachings; you build the life building with your knowledge bricks and tiles. Teacher's day, to the beloved teachers!

3. You are the soul engineer, building the wisdom building; you are the knowledge enlightenment teacher, spreading countless hopes; you are the spiritual mender, weaving a better future; you are the flower gardener, cultivating the world. Teacher's day, say hello to the teacher!

4. "Words" can't tell you how hard you work, "pen" can't write you how much you pay, "color" can't paint your tenacity. Your dedication to education and your love for students make your brilliant life, and your life course is always in the chapter of love. Teacher, we love you forever!

5. A blackboard writes your bright life, a piece of chalk 'squeak' sings your unrepentant life, a three foot podium stands your tall figure, you have a loud and great name, teacher, teacher's Day is coming, students should give you a bunch of the most beautiful flowers in the world, thank you, it is you who give students infinite future with your tireless education.

6. It's you who teach me knowledge, you who teach me how to read life, and you who show me the direction! Now, I weave a message full of blessings with every stroke you teach me: happy holidays, teacher!

7. You use persistent love to write the spring without regret; you use simple love to write the glory of life; you use selfless love to water the flowers of the motherland; you use wholehearted love to warm the students. 9.10 on teacher's day, let sincere feelings turn into sound blessings, refreshing your heart: wish you good health and happiness forever!

8. With love as the chord, play a warm ballad; with diligence as the arrow, shoot at the bull's-eye of teaching; with enlightenment as the method, open the door of wisdom; with dream as the blueprint, be willing to be the ladder of success. Teacher, I sincerely wish you a happy holiday.

9. You are the foundation stone of skyscrapers, small but indispensable; you are the bridge pier across the river, unswervingly determined after the wind and rain; you are the red candle burning tears and flowing at the bottom of your heart, playing the magic unknown. Happy holidays, teacher! We love you forever!

10. With love as the fulcrum, pry up the land of knowledge; with education as the light, guide the maze of youth; with warmth as the paradise, cultivate the seedlings of wisdom; with no regrets as the maxim, practice the responsibility of life. Teacher, I wish you a happy holiday.