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What is good for children to eat fish? What nutrition can fish supplement

Fish as a common seafood in daily life, which contains a variety of nutrients, children eat more fish, can prevent myopia, but also can promote the brain development of the baby, of course, eating fish in addition to these benefits, there are some other good points, let's take a look at together, what's the benefit of eating fish?

Eating fish makes people smarter. Fish is rich in DHA, which mainly exists in brain, retina and nerve. DHA can not only maintain the normal function of retina, but also benefit the development of human intelligence system. Therefore, eating more fish will make people smarter.

Eating fish is good for human development. Fish meat is rich in protein. The protein content of every 500g of fish is equivalent to the protein content of 600g of eggs or 850g of pork. Rich protein is the carrier of human life, which has the functions of balancing nutrition, regulating water balance and improving immunity, and can effectively help children, children and adolescents to grow and develop. This is also one of the reasons why we eat fish when we are sick or have a wound in our body, because fish can also help the wound recover and heal.

Eating fish often can lower cholesterol. Most of the fat contained in fish is unsaturated fatty acid, which is easy to be digested and absorbed by human body. After digestion and absorption, the fatty acid can be combined with blood cholesterol in the blood, taking cholesterol away from the blood vessels, so as to reduce the content of cholesterol in the body, which is beneficial to the health of the body.

Pregnant women have many advantages in eating fish. Medical research has shown that if women eat fish every week during pregnancy, their chances of developing eczema will be reduced by 43% in the future. So pregnant women must eat more fish.

Eating fish has a good effect on lowering blood lipid. Eating fish often can reduce blood lipid. Medical experiments show that under the same level of blood lipid, people who eat fish after a period of time can continuously reduce the level of blood lipid compared with people who don't often eat fish, and the difference between the two is 40%.

Fish is easy to digest. Fish meat is easy to be digested and absorbed by the body. The structure of protein in fish meat is soft, the structure of muscle fiber is short, the content of water is high, and the absorption and utilization rate can be as high as 96%.

Often eat fish can delay aging, but also conducive to the beauty of women. Fish body is rich in nutrients, containing all kinds of nutrients needed by the human body. Regular eating of fish can delay aging, slow down the decline of memory, and also help women's appearance.

What's the harm of eating fish? I have made a detailed answer. Eating fish helps the development of the body. At the same time, fish meat also contains rich protein. Some people worry that eating fish will make them fat. In fact, if there is not much fat in it, it is easy to promote the digestion and absorption of our body. If pregnant women eat more fish, it can effectively ensure the development of the fetus.