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Blessing words of Bailu solar terms how to express blessing words of Bailu solar terms in 2018

Today is the Bailu solar term in the 24 solar terms. After entering the Bailu solar term, the weather is getting colder and fruits are everywhere. How to say the health message blessing words about Bailu solar term? Let's have a look.

White Dew turns cool when it comes to the day, don't forget to bring your clothes when you go out; work hard and busy, and keep up with nutrition and health care; cold drink and cold food hurt your stomach, and resolutely quit the table; don't be impatient and don't hesitate when you are dry in autumn, and drink healthy and nourishing your heart; relax and don't be disconsolate, and walk happily!

White Dew sees frost in the morning, and the autumn wind is getting colder. Please add your clothes in time. When the sun comes out, it will keep you warm and healthy. At night, it will be cold and windy. Please close the door and window, sleep and cover your quilt. The good dream will become true continuously. White Dew solar term wishes you a happy life and a long-term health.

When the morning dew is about to drop, pay attention to the cool weather. Don't forget to add clothes in the morning and evening. Don't dry a proper amount of water. The cold air also comes at night. Keep the thin quilt warm and cover it tightly. Welcome the White Dew with a healthy smile. You are in a good mood every day.

When Bailu solar term comes, may happiness be revealed on your face, Ruyi will be revealed around you from time to time, and the happy dew will be tasted by you. Auspiciousness is always exposed in your life. In addition, it will reveal a secret to you. Only my best friend can receive such a blessing. May Bailu day be happy with you.

White Dew season, diet care to achieve: 'Nourishing Yin and lungs' as the criterion,' less acid 'good health. Eat more sesame, walnut, glutinous rice, honey, sugarcane, etc., which can nourish yin, moisten lung, nourish blood; eat less spicy food such as onion, ginger, garlic, chili; eat more Guangyuan, hawthorn, fresh vegetables, sour food. For old people with weak stomach, they can drink porridge in the morning to benefit their bones and promote their body fluids. I wish you health and happiness!

Bailu beckons to laugh at you and me. It's best to have a peaceful mind and keep healthy. One relaxation, one culture and one martial arts are wonderful. Fruits, vegetables, tea and soup are precious. Happy smile happy happiness around, Runfei Yangwei tonic liver Qi not pour. I wish you a happy mood and a strong physique in the season of Bailu. Happy White Dew season!

In autumn, there is no one to feel it, and the goose is the first to feel it, clapping its wings to find the warm sun; in autumn, there is no one to know it, and the cicada knows it best, chirping and singing the cool wind; in autumn, there is no one to know it, and the dew is the most understanding, and Lingling is the most charming. White Dew comes, autumn wind often comes, cool night, dear friend, don't forget to add clothes!

The autumn wind is getting colder and colder, the temperature is going to drop, the night is chilly, the morning dew is frosted, don't forget to add clothes in time, the health will be promising, the White Dew solar term wishes you good health and happy life.

Today is the "White Dew" in the 24 solar terms, as the saying goes: a cool autumn rain. At the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, which reminds the old, the weak and the sick to pay more attention to timely add clothes and strengthen self-care.

Bailu has not yet Xi, love your heart is surging; Bailu is frost, love your love is beside you; Bailu has not, love your dream forever beautiful; Bailu has arrived, see you and I have already laughed. May you be happy!

Bailu gradually cools. Cold should be prevented. Add some clothes. Often bask in the sun. The muscles and bones are as strong as steel. The cold comes from the feet. Bailu is not exposed. It's better to be cold and sweaty. Keep a good mood. The disease is gone. Life should be moderate and spirit should be magnanimous. May Bailu have a long time.

After drinking a mouthful of White Dew, the mosquito closed its mouth from then on. The autumn air was clear and the sky was beautiful. I thought of my old friend without regret. The autumn wind moved the osmanthus pistil and two legs. My body was strong like a fortress. My love life was beautiful. I wish my friend a happy life.

The summer heat subsides, the White Dew cools people's heart, the morning dew, the mood is comfortable and the spirit is cool; the afternoon dew, the leisure and self satisfaction of all kinds of beauty; the night dew, no disease and no worry sleep well. Believe it or not.

The White Dew, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, treasures the good fortune of the heaven and earth, and rolls with boundless happiness. I will embed the dewdrop in this message of blessing. I hope you can feel the endless happiness given by nature. Bailu happy!

The White Dew is pale and the sweet dream is fragrant at night. The White Dew is desolate and peaceful. Bailu fans, good luck and good luck. Bailu Xi Xi, success is possible. When white dew comes, may the dew of happiness encircle you.

Yellow leaves fall, autumn is strong, a little autumn rain is cool; migratory birds fly, rice is fragrant, autumn is refreshing and pleasant; white dew comes, night is cold, remember to add clothes sooner or later; mobile phone rings, care to, wish you happy and healthy!

Bailu to, intimate greetings remind you: pay attention to the body in cool days, increase or decrease clothes properly; do not forget to rest in busy days, keep healthy and good health; happy mood, happy life. Wish you happiness every day!

The summer is fading away, the White Dew is coming quietly, the temperature difference between the hot day and the cold night is big, so we should pay attention to health: respiratory diseases should be prevented, light congee should be eaten to match, fish and shrimp should be avoided, marinated spicy things should be eaten by mistake. Wish you health!

The White Dew, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, treasures the good fortune of the heaven and earth, and rolls with boundless happiness. I will embed the dewdrop in this message of blessing. I hope you can feel the endless happiness given by nature. Bailu happy!