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What is the hardest tree

Today, Xiaobian is going to tell you about the hardest trees in the world. If someone asks you which hardness of trees and steel is bigger, it's estimated that many people will say that it's steel. Although it's true in most cases, there are exceptions in everything. There's a kind of tree in the world that is harder than steel. It's an iron birch tree. It can be called a wall of iron if it can't be cut into.

Introduction to the hardest tree in the world

The birch tree is a kind of tree with a height of 20-35 meters. Its bark is black or dark brown. Because the tree is full of white spots, the whole tree looks white. Iron birch generally grows in the mountains with an altitude of about 700m, with a life span of about 300-350 years. It can be found in the East and southeast of Jilin Province, northeast of Liaoning Province and west of Zhejiang Province. Originally, it has nothing special. Because of its hardness, it stands out among many kinds of trees and becomes one of the most famous trees in the world.

Iron birch is a wall of iron

Iron birch is three times as hard as ordinary oak and twice as hard as steel. If you don't believe it, you can try to chop it with an axe. You will definitely see sparks bursting out. It's almost invulnerable. It's the hardest tree in the world. Many people regard it as a substitute for polymetallic.

The use of birch

Iron birch is the hardness champion in the tree, and it is called the king of wood. It is said that in order to make up for the shortage of domestic metal materials, the former Soviet Union used iron birch as metal equipment, such as the roller ball and bearing of speedboat. It is better than ordinary steel, because ordinary steel and iron will oxidize and rust after being put in water for a long time, but iron birch is not the same, even if it grows long Time in the water will not have any problem, the inside of the tree will not rot at all, can keep dry, is a good material for making water machinery such as speedboats.