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What fruit do you eat in Bailu solar term? What fruit do you eat after Bailu

Bailu is one of the traditional 24 solar terms. The arrival of Bailu means that the weather will turn cold. Autumn will officially come. What fruits will Bailu solar terms eat? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

What fruit does Bailu solar term eat

When eating fruit, we should pay attention to the season. When the weather turns cold, autumn will officially come. So the question of what fruit to eat in the season depends on what fruit is the most seasonal.

Autumn pear

In winter, pear and sugarcane are the fruits with health care and medical properties. According to traditional Chinese medicine, pears have the functions of promoting body fluid to quench thirst, relieving cough and phlegm, clearing heat and reducing fire, nourishing blood, generating muscles, moistening lungs and drying away, etc. the abundant water in autumn pears is exactly what the skin needs.


How about the delicious apples? You can not only eat it, but also slice it and stick it on your face. It's good for skin, rich in pectin, cellulose, vitamin C, etc., and has very good lipid-lowering effect. Three apples for solar eclipse, the skin is not only hydrated but also elastic!


Citrus is warm and sweet. It has the effect of appetizing and regulating qi, relieving thirst and moistening lung. However, yin deficiency and fire hyperactivity will cause sore mouth and tongue, sore throat, etc.


Grape is the fruit of deciduous woody vines in grape family, also known as grass dragon ball, crystal pearl, Pu Tao, Pu Tao, Li Tao and mountain gourd. Grape is regarded as a precious fruit, known as the world's top four fruits. It is not only nutritious and widely used: beautiful in color, fragrant in air and delicious in taste. It is the best product in the fruit. It can be eaten fresh and processed into various products, such as wine, grape juice, raisin, etc., but also the fruit, root and leaf can be used as medicine, and the whole body is treasure.


Pomegranate with full grains is the most popular. It has a very good sour and sweet taste. It is warm and has the effect of promoting fluid production and stopping thirst. People with insufficient body fluid, dry throat and endless thirst can take pomegranate as a good food therapy. Pomegranate mashed into juice, or decoction, can clear away heat and detoxify, moisten the lungs and stop coughing, kill insects and stop dysentery.


Among many autumn fruits, grapefruit is the biggest one. It ripens around August 15 of the lunar calendar every year, with thick skin and good storage. Therefore, it is called "natural fruit can". Grapefruit not only has high nutritional value, but also has the functions of stomach, lung, blood, intestines and defecation. It can promote wound healing and has good auxiliary effect on septicemia. In addition, grapefruit can also reduce the viscosity of blood, which has a better preventive effect on cerebrovascular diseases; fresh grapefruit meat is an ideal food for diabetic patients because it contains insulin like ingredients.