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What is the best gift for male teachers on Teachers' Day 2018

What is the best gift for male teachers on Teachers' Day 2018 September 10 is teachers' day. Teachers' Day is a festival to commemorate the hard-working teachers. Teachers' Day is coming soon. Many students want to send some gifts to their teachers to express their feelings. What kind of gifts should teachers' day give to male teachers? Let's take a look at the carefully selected gifts from Xiaobian.

1. High grade pen gift box: the first thing for teachers to consider is pens. Teachers work day and night. Most of the time, they need a good pen that fits their body, so you can choose a higher grade pen gift box for them.

2. Practical office decoration: you can also send your teacher a common office items, such as a pen holder is very good, and the decoration similar to the office is very consistent with the purpose of sending your teacher.

3. Lettering Cup: for the male teachers, tea cups should also be considered. Because many male teachers need a lot of tea or water for a long speech every day, a lettering cup is not only practical, but also of commemorative value.

Gift recommendation for teachers on 2018 teachers' Day

1. Simple and beautiful flowers

Flowers are loved by everyone. A simple bunch of flowers will brighten people's eyes, and clear the gloomy and fidgety mood. Generally, people will not refuse to send flowers to others, and they will feel very dignified. Therefore, it is a very good choice to give flowers to teachers as a teacher's Day gift.

2. A good tea for calming nerves and relieving depression

A good senior teacher, every word they say can inspire us, let us get unexpected harvest from his words. A good teacher is like a pot of tea, the longer it is, the more fragrant it is. Teachers and culture are inseparable, just like tea and culture are inseparable, they are complementary. If you give your teacher some good tea on teacher's day, it's not only for his health, but also for praising the teacher's culture like tea.

3. Books with cultural connotation

Teachers are the disseminators of culture. Books are the things that they usually touch more. So it is not only decent but also cultural to send books to teachers on Teachers' day. And sending books to teachers is not only a cultural promotion for teachers themselves, but also a great beneficiary for students. If you don't know what book to send to the teacher, it's better not to send ready-made books. You can choose to send tickets.

4. Lovely chocolate

Many people also like chocolate very much. The price of chocolate is not very expensive. It's a small piece with beautiful appearance. Now, no matter young or old people, they always have a unique taste for chocolate, which should be enjoyed by many people. If you match it with a lily made by yourself, it will be more perfect.

5. Simple and generous greeting card

As students have no financial resources, if too expensive gifts can not afford, it will also give teachers too much pressure, and it is unfair to other students. Then, make a simple and generous greeting card on teacher's day, which can express your mind and the teacher will like it. But the greeting card must be made by yourself, and write your blessing to the teacher on it. This is also very meaningful.