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How to batch add friends in 2018 wechat

How to add friends in batches in 2018 wechat how to add friends in batches in 2018 wechat now more and more people can't live without wechat every day. Many people add a large number of people every day in order to publicize. But you know, due to the official settings of wechat, the number of wechat friends with high price every day is fixed, and it can't be added if there are more. So how can wechat have a large number of good friends with high price? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

You can only add about 20 friends to search every day. If you add more, you will be prompted 'search failed'.

If the mobile phone contacts are imported to the address book in batch, the "add" button is not displayed, only the "invite" button is displayed.

QQ can only send about 30 invitations to add friends every day, so using QQ import to add friends is also limited.

Find people nearby and use them only once a day.

There are only 10 radar plus friends at a time, and the number of them is limited.

No more than 500 will be added every day.

How to add friends in wechat?

The first is to convert QQ friends into wechat friends.

QQ is no stranger to everyone. People who have wechat must have QQ. For those who want to add real wechat friends, it's best to enable the view QQ friends function on wechat. Open it and you can directly add QQ friends as wechat friends!

The second is to turn mobile contacts into wechat friends.

Generally speaking, there are not 80 contacts in the mobile phone address book, and there are 150 contacts. Besides, the mobile phone contacts are the most real and close circle of acquaintances. After the mobile phone number is bound to wechat, enable the address book matching function, and you can also see which friends have opened wechat.

Third: use people nearby to add wechat friends.

If it's not enough to add QQ friends and mobile phone contacts, you can enable the function of people near wechat to say hello to each other, and it's easy to add friends. The advantage of people near wechat is that every time they move to a new location, they will be automatically located and can be added differently

Fourth: add other members of wechat group as friends.

We can join some wechat groups with a large number of people first. After joining the group, we can view all members through the group data and open and add them to wechat address book one by one. The bad thing about the crowd is that 99% of them are strangers.

Fifth: use QQ space, post bar, friends circle and other ways to let others add your wechat.

These friends are more suitable to start wechat marketing. First, create a group of dozens of people, attach their own group QR code, and then post in the above ways. Naturally, some people will add groups, or let them add your wechat first to join the group. You have a large number of groups. It's easy to add them!

Sixth: through Taobao, wechat plus software and other tools.

If you are too lazy to do it, you'd better buy it through Taobao or add wechat friends in large quantities through some software tools, but the water and zombie powder in it are self-evident.