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What is the traditional food for Mid Autumn Festival

The Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. It's a day for family reunion. People have a full moon. It's a beautiful festival. What traditional food do people eat on Mid Autumn Festival? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What traditional food do you eat on Mid Autumn Festival

The traditional food is usually moon cakes. Many people choose moon cakes. Now there are many moon cakes. If you don't like Cantonese style, you can choose Su's moon cake. But there are more traditional foods to choose from.

1. Moon cake is one of the famous Chinese traditional snacks, which is popular on the Mid Autumn Festival. Among them, Guangdong style, Beijing style, Soviet style, Chaozhou style, Yunnan style and other moon cakes are loved by people from north and South China. Mooncakes are round and round, and they are eaten by families separately, which symbolizes reunion and harmony. They are necessary food on the Mid Autumn Festival. Ancient mooncakes were eaten as sacrifices on the Mid Autumn Festival. It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes began in Tang Dynasty.

2. Osmanthus wine, osmanthus fragrance in August, indeed, the Mid Autumn Festival is the time when osmanthus fragrance. During the Mid Autumn Festival, many people will use the most osmanthus cake or dip osmanthus wine. No matter it's sweet osmanthus cake or sweet osmanthus wine, they all give out the unique fragrance of sweet osmanthus.

3. Grapefruit, grapefruit is also the traditional food of Mid Autumn Festival. People usually buy gifts to eat. The ancients thought that it means to bless the reunion. Many places have the custom of eating grapefruit and enjoying the moon.

4. Ducks, many places have the custom of eating ducks on the Mid Autumn Festival, and their practices are different. Among them, the south is the most, because the Mid Autumn Festival is the time to eat ducks.

5. Hairy crabs enjoy the moon with moon cakes, sweet scented osmanthus wine and hairy crabs in Mid Autumn Festival in August. They have a happy life and are the necessary traditional delicacies for Mid Autumn Festival in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

6. Boiling a big pot of taro with water and eating it with sugar is a real day for poor people in the past. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, the pronunciation of taro is similar to "shipped". So Mid Autumn Festival eating taro, not only to enjoy the good fortune, but also to express the hope of good luck.

7. In Taiwan Province, almost every family has to eat barbecue. In fact, many years ago, two soy sauce manufacturers launched a TV advertising campaign and many shopping malls held a barbecue related product sale on the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival, so many people patronized. Unconsciously, Mid Autumn Festival barbecue has become an indispensable dish for every family.

What's good for Mid Autumn Festival

There are many kinds to eat. In fact, it's better to eat Tangyuan and drink soup than common moon cakes. But there are other foods, and the range of choices is also very large.

1. Moon cake is a kind of food with high fat, protein and sugar. Although it's delicious, it's only once a year, but you should also pay attention to the amount in your stomach. At this time, you may as well make a pot of Pu'er, Tieguanyin, or West Lake Longjing, Tianshan snow chrysanthemum, which is absolutely the best match.


3. The South knows how to enjoy the hot culture. Generally speaking, the Mid Autumn Festival is summer, and the weather is still hot. Most families in the South will buy enough heat clearing and nourishing materials today, put them in casserole, boil them with chicken or pig bones for several hours, and finally share the delicious food in the evening.

4. It is said that you can hear Cowherd and weaver girl talking when you sit under the grape tree on the night when the moon is full. Today's high-rise buildings make grape trellis a luxury, but the water is smart and sweet grapes are also indispensable fruits on the mid autumn table.

5. The Mid Autumn Festival is when pomegranates mature. Pomegranate is often used as a festive fruit because of its bright colors and plump seeds. It symbolizes the happiness, reunion and good luck. Therefore, it is one of the necessary fruits for the Mid Autumn Festival.

6. Eating water chestnut can dissolve the greasiness. In many places, there are children who eat water chestnut. Therefore, it is a very common snack on the mid autumn table.

7. Mid Autumn Festival is a good season to eat lotus root. No matter stewing, frying or frying, it is an indispensable dish for mid autumn table.

8. Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, when the snail is empty, there are no small snails in the abdomen. Therefore, the meat is particularly fat. It's the best time to eat conch. In Guangdong, Hunan and other places, many families have the habit of eating fried snails during the Mid Autumn Festival.