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Is coffee refreshing? How about drinking coffee on an empty stomach

Many office workers and students are fond of coffee. They think coffee has a refreshing effect. But many people get up in the morning and drink a cup of coffee habitually. Is this kind of behavior of drinking coffee on an empty stomach good? What is the refreshing effect of coffee? Let's have a look!

How about having coffee on an empty stomach in the morning

No, it's very irritating to the stomach.

1. Because coffee can stimulate gastric acid secretion, especially people with gastric ulcer should be more cautious. Coffee as a drink, when drinking, according to the individual situation is enough, generally speaking, in nutrition, we still emphasize the balanced diet and use less spicy stimulating food.

2. In addition, it should be noted that high blood pressure patients should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks when they are under pressure. Because caffeine in coffee can cause blood pressure to rise, adding to emotional tension can have a dangerous multiplier effect. According to reports, studies have shown that after drinking a cup of coffee, blood pressure can rise for up to 12 hours.

3. Although there are many benefits of drinking coffee, do not drink coffee on an empty stomach. Many people will drink coffee on an empty stomach in the morning. When they work in the morning, their stomach often feels dull pain, and others will have palpitations. Coffee has many unknown benefits. As long as people know the right time and amount, they can get many benefits.

4. If you are suffering from anxiety disorder in your daily life, a lot of caffeine may aggravate your symptoms. "Caffeine is the most widely used mood altering drug in the world," said Dr.

5. In the field of psychiatry, caffeine can cause anxiety and panic disorder (panic disorder), aggravate panic attack in panic patients, and cause insomnia to people who are prone to panic attack.

Is coffee refreshing

1. Coffee contains caffeine, mainly by caffeine refreshing, whether it has effect, mainly depends on the content. Caffeine has the effect of stimulating the brain center. Drinking it for a long time may have no significant effect.

2. Coffee can promote digestion. If you want to give full play to this function, it is the most appropriate time to drink coffee 30 minutes before or after meals. However, because coffee will affect the absorption of iron, people with iron deficiency and anemia symptoms should try to avoid.

3. The refreshing function of coffee is recognized by everyone. A cup of coffee can make us feel refreshed for 4 hours. So a drink in the afternoon can keep you awake. Occasionally it works, but not for long-term coffee drinkers.

4. The best way to refresh yourself with coffee is to take a 15-20 minute rest after drinking coffee, which can clear the adenosine that makes the brain tired, make people wake up in a good mood and pay special attention.

5. Although the refreshing effect of coffee is good, it is not suitable to drink more. Too much coffee will cause sleep disorders, arrhythmia, migraine and other uncomfortable symptoms. The dose of caffeine poisoning is 10 grams, equivalent to 50 cups of coffee, so as long as you don't drink too much coffee, there will be no adverse reactions.