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How to prevent dry mouth and dry tongue

I believe that many people often face the phenomenon of dry mouth. And often with a dry throat. Dry mouth and dry tongue are idioms used to describe the dry mouth caused by too much talking. But in real life, people who have not experienced dry mouth can hardly be found. So why do we have dry mouth and dry throat? Let's learn about it with Xiaobian!

Why do you have dry mouth?

In most cases, dry mouth and dry tongue are physiological, such as the weather is too hot, sweating too much, not drinking water for a long time and so on. The dry tongue caused by this condition can be alleviated in a short time by drinking water or rehydration. However, there is always or often a feeling of dry mouth and dry tongue. If you can't get relief through drinking water and rehydration, you need to consider the pathological situation, such as diabetes, tuberculosis, Sjogren's syndrome, severe anemia, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, oral mucosal lesions, chemotherapy or local radiotherapy for malignant tumors, mouth opening caused by poor breath, etc., which can cause dry mouth and dry tongue. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the following reasons can cause dry mouth and dry tongue.

Yin deficiency and internal heat can cause internal heat if Yin and Jin are consumed by any reason. For example, long illness, vigorous exercise, staying up late and so on can lead to the imbalance of yin and Yang in the human body, presenting a state of yin deficiency and generating internal heat. In addition to dry mouth and dry tongue, patients with Yin deficiency and internal heat can also be accompanied by night sweat, hot afternoon, red cheekbones, dry red tongue, pulse count and other diseases.

Exogenous wind heat because of wind heat into the body, damage body fluid, will also appear dry tongue performance. Patients with wind heat and cold often feel thirsty after drinking a lot of water. At the same time, they may have symptoms of fever and fear of wind.

Damp heat can be caused by long-term contact with or living in damp places, emotional disorders, eating fat, sweet and greasy food. It can be manifested as dry mouth and dry tongue, heavy sleepiness, yellow and greasy tongue coating, and slippery pulse. Some people have symptoms such as swelling pain in the liver area and eczema in the lower body.

If you don't pay attention to your diet, if you eat fatty glycol and fragrant dry food for a long time, you will damage your spleen and stomach, accumulate heat, transform dryness and injure your body, eliminate grain and consume fluid, or cause stomach fire and inflammation. Because the stomach is full of heat, especially eager to drink a lot of cold drinks, dry mouth accompanied by irritability, dry stool, yellow and red urine, red face, red tongue, strong pulse.

How to prevent dry mouth

To understand the causes of dry mouth, we should actively prevent and treat them. For example, to speak more, to spit more, to treat all kinds of chronic diseases, to treat all kinds of problems that cause poor breath so as to avoid mouth opening breath, to avoid kidney Yin loss caused by overwork and excessive sex, to avoid liver yang hyperactivity caused by emotional discomfort, to avoid external feelings, to avoid excessive stomach fire caused by excessive hot and dry food, are all positive prevention and control measures. For people who have dry mouth and dry tongue for unknown reasons, we must ask doctors to help find out the cause of the disease and treat them according to syndrome differentiation as soon as possible.

In daily life, it is helpful to use some food and medicine for auxiliary treatment of dry tongue, such as often drinking light honey water, medlar water or lotus seed core water, eating rice porridge, soybean milk, radish, lotus root, water chestnut, pear and other Yin nourishing and dry food.