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How long is the sanitary napkin unsealed? How long is the shelf life of the sanitary napkin

Sanitary napkin is a good partner of women. It is used every month. Many friends like to buy many sanitary napkins at home at one time. But Xiaobian should remind you that it depends on the production date and warranty period of sanitary napkin, as well as the Kaifeng sanitary napkin. You should use it quickly or bacteria will easily grow!

How long is the sanitary napkin unsealed

The recommendation is usually one month. Sanitary napkins that have been opened for too long are prone to bacteria.

In the sealed state, the sanitary napkin can be used even if it has been put for a year, but the opened sanitary napkin is not recommended to be used again, so as to avoid physical discomfort due to the use of expired sanitary napkins.

1. Although the shelf life of sanitary napkin is marked on the package, it is recommended to use the sanitary napkin after opening as soon as possible. It is better to use it preferentially in the next menstrual period, so as to shorten the time of its exposure to the air and effectively reduce the degree of its pollution.

2. After unpacking, sanitary articles such as sanitary napkins or toilet paper should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, at least in a clean environment. Please note that once the product is damped, it will never be used again. Of course, many products have been humanized in the packaging design. Many products use zipper seals or sealing strips that can be used for multiple times of sealing, so as to better ensure the health and safety of the product.

3. After Kaifeng, it's better to use the sanitary napkin in that month, which will directly affect the health of women, so it's necessary to clean and store it. It is better to use up the sanitary napkin in Kaifeng in the same month, and deal with it as soon as possible in case of rainy or rainy days. South's small partner should pay attention to, experienced plum rain days of sanitary napkin equivalent to wet underwear, easy to cause vaginitis. In addition, when girls need to carry sanitary napkins when going out, they should also pay attention to them. They can be stored in bags with cable ties or zipper seals. In addition, they should pay attention to separate the cosmetics in the bags.

Can sanitary napkins be used in Kaifeng for half a year

It is not recommended to use. The sanitary napkin is still used in the month when it is opened. Do not store it. There are bacteria in the environment where the sanitary napkin is put.

1. The packing bag of sanitary napkin has a mark that the service life is one year, but the service life of sanitary napkin is shortened after it is disassembled. It is recommended to use it within three months, otherwise it will cause the product deterioration of sanitary napkin and affect the use effect.

2. The sanitary napkin is not recommended to be used again for one year. Generally speaking, a bag of sanitary napkins can be used up in a physiological cycle. If the sanitary napkins are not used up due to other reasons, it is recommended to buy another bag of sanitary napkins for use, instead of using the sanitary napkins that have been opened for too long.

Precautions for using sanitary napkin

1. Observe the outer packaging: when purchasing sanitary napkins, don't be confused by the gorgeous colors of the outer packaging. Recognize the brand, manufacturer, address, production batch number, production date, etc. on the outer packaging. In addition, for the health and safety of sanitary napkins, observe whether there is a sales license number.

2. Strong, durable, water absorption and air permeability: the quality of the sanitary napkin shall be firm and durable. Tear it with a little force by hand. The sanitary napkin is elastic but it will not be torn. It has good adhesion and is not easy to fall off. The material is soft and comfortable, with good water absorption and air permeability, and it does not stimulate the skin to have allergy, pruritus and other reactions after use.

3. Pay attention to the period of validity when using: any sanitary product has a production date and a period of validity naturally. When purchasing sanitary napkins, you can't buy too many sanitary napkins in batches for easy coating. If the sanitary napkins exceed the period of validity, there will be no guarantee of sterility. They may deteriorate and grow bacteria, so they can't be used.

4. Some female friends like to use tampons, can't stand the smell of blood on the sanitary napkin. ***