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What to do if the jade bracelet can't be taken down

What to do if the jade bracelet can't be taken down people in China have the habit of wearing bracelets. One looks noble and the other can be used to ward off evil spirits and drive away disasters. However, if the bracelets are worn for a long time, what can I do if I can't take them out? Here's how to take the jade bracelets. Let's have a look. PS: if you can't take it down, you can ask for help from the fireman.

1、 At best, it's easier to use lubricants or plastic bags.

Put a plastic bag on your hand or apply lubricant to the bone joints on the back of your hand. Then compress the widest part of the palm, and slowly squeeze the bracelet onto the hand. The removal process is the opposite of the wearing process. Lubricant and plastic bag can play a role of lubrication when wearing, ensuring the safety of jade bracelet and human skin. When wearing, it is advisable to put soft objects (such as soft pads) under the wrist to avoid falling and breaking.

2、 Rope take Bracelet method 1. Press your thumb to the palm of your hand.

2. From finger binding to the place of bowl bracelet, single layer and key place must be dense.

3. Put the end of the rope under the bracelet. 4、

Push the rope around the bracelet and come back in circles.

5. It's a success. Then don't fall the bracelet. (add hand sanitizer if necessary) 3. If the first method can't be put in or taken out, try to ice the palm with ice water. Under the cold contraction of ice water, the muscle and skin tissue of the palm will contract and the volume will be smaller. Then repeat the first method to smooth the palm or plastic bag to try to take it out again.