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Will it get colder and colder after the autumnal equinox? What is the origin of the autumnal equinox

In September, I left summer and entered autumn. I can feel the steps of autumn these two days. The air is getting drier and drier. The leaves on the road are turning yellow and fallen. Is it still hot after the autumnal equinox? Let's take a look.

Is it cool in autumn

In fact, it will be cool. The autumnal equinox is the arrival of autumn, which should be in the rhythm of winter. But the temperature change is gradual. The temperature in the day will be very low, and it will be very low at night.

1. There are 90 days in autumn. The equinox divides it into two parts, 45 days before and 45 days after. After the autumnal equinox, the position of direct sunlight moved to the southern hemisphere, the solar radiation in the northern hemisphere was less and less, but the heat lost from the ground was more, and the temperature decreased faster. So it will cool down soon after the equinox.

2. Autumn separate eggs: there is a folk saying that the world is peaceful on the autumn equinox, and the new eggs are easy to stand up. Therefore, the children in the autumn equinox village will play a game, which is to stand up before their eggs.

3. The day of the autumnal equinox is as long as the night. It's all twelve hours. From this day on, the days are shorter and shorter. This is the autumnal equinox.

4. There is less sunshine in the autumn equinox, and the weather is naturally cooler day by day. After the autumnal equinox, the weather began to turn cold. At that time will begin to experience: 'a cold autumn rain, ten autumn rain to wear cotton'.

5. The climate of autumnal equinox in most parts of China has entered a cool autumn. The cold air in the south meets the gradually decaying warm and wet air, which produces precipitation and temperature drop again and again.

6. As people often say, it's time for a cold autumn rain, but the daily precipitation after the autumnal equinox will not be very large.

7. Generally speaking, there are 18 days of fire after the beginning of autumn. After 18 days, it's cooler in the morning and evening. The weather at that time is more comfortable than that in July.

8. During the day, there will still be a temperature of about 35 ℃, and sometimes it will still feel sultry. The real cool usually comes around the White Dew in early September. This is relative to the weather in the south.

9. After the autumnal equinox, the days become shorter and the nights become longer; after the autumnal equinox, the weather gradually turns cool and the temperature difference between morning and evening increases, so the human body is vulnerable to various diseases, so we should pay attention to it from all aspects. When you go out, you should keep warm and add clothes in time to prevent cold.

10. After the autumnal equinox, the day is shorter than the night, and the Yin Qi increases. When we enter the season of 'eventful autumn', we can easily fall ill and mourn the autumn when we see the nature's atmosphere of annihilation. To overcome this "sad autumn" mood, we need to have a regular diet, have a light taste, and maintain an optimistic mood and think more about happy things.

The origin of autumn equinox

It was mainly influenced by the ancient farming civilization. At the autumnal equinox, the grain began to be harvested.

1. At this time, 24 hours a day and 12 hours a day. This day is the same as the Spring Equinox Day. On the autumn equinox day, the sun is almost directly on the equator. After this day, the sun's direct position moves south, and the day in the northern hemisphere is short and the night is long.

2. According to historical records, as early as the Zhou Dynasty, ancient emperors had the custom of sacrificing the sun at the spring equinox, the land at the summer solstice, the moon at the autumn equinox, and the heaven at the winter solstice. The places of sacrifice are called sun altar, Earth altar, moon altar and heaven altar. It is located in four directions, Southeast, northwest. So far, there are many historic sites in China, such as "worship altar", "worship Pavilion" and "moon tower". The custom of sacrificing the moon varies from place to place.

3. The 'Moon altar' in Beijing was built during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty for the Royal worship of the moon. *** There is also a special custom of sacrificing the moon in Beijing, that is, when the moon is offered only, most men do not kowtow, which is the proverb "men do not worship the moon".

4. On the day of autumn equinox, farmers have a holiday according to the custom. Every family should eat Tangyuan, and cook more than ten or twenty or thirty Tangyuan that do not need to be wrapped in the heart, and then place them on the edge of the outdoor field with a bamboo fork, which is called sticking the beak of finches, so as not to damage the crops.

5. The feature of rapid temperature drop in autumn makes the "three autumn" busy of autumn harvest, autumn ploughing and autumn planting especially tense. According to the research, the "autumnal equinox" has long been the symbol of farming in China.

6. At the end of the Han Dynasty, Cui Shi wrote in the four people's moon order: "all kinds of wheat can be in the thin field on the White Dew Festival, in the middle field on the autumn equinox, and in the beautiful field in the last ten days. 'the autumn equinox is a good time to harvest. Farmers and friends should harvest autumn crops in time to avoid the damage of early frost and even rain; they should also sow winter crops in time to lay the foundation for the next year's high yield.

7. The meaning of autumnal equinox is "the moon makes seventy-two waiting for solution": "in August, see the spring equinox for & hellip; hellip; solution". It shows the meaning of equinox between day and night. Like the spring equinox, the sun shines directly on the earth's equator on this day, and the day and night are equal. Since then, the position of direct sunlight has moved to the south, the northern hemisphere is becoming shorter in day and longer in night, and the temperature is decreasing, which is of universal significance in the whole country.

8. It is recorded in the spring and Autumn Annals that 'the autumnal equinox is a combination of yin and Yang, so it is cold and hot day and night. In astronomy, the autumnal equinox is regarded as the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.