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September 6 Swiss women's volleyball elite China vs Italy live broadcast

The 2018 Swiss women's volleyball elite competition will be held on September 4, with two stages: group competition and knockout competition. China's women's volleyball team is in group A with Italy, Switzerland and Turkey, the traditional strong European team. Tonight, China's women's volleyball team will play host Switzerland, while group B will have Brazil, Cameroon, Poland and Russia. In addition to Liu Xiaotong, Gong Xiangyu and Lin Li, three Olympic champions, Hu Mingyuan, Diao Linyu and other rookies who are expected to compete for the world championships are included in the 12 member team of China Women's volleyball team.

[live event]: Swiss women's volleyball elite

[live broadcast time]: September 6, 2018 00:30

[against both sides]: Chinese women's volleyball team vs Italian women's volleyball team

[live address]:

The list of 12 Chinese women's volleyball players in Swiss women's volleyball elite is as follows:

Major: Liu Xiaotong, duanfang, Liu Yanhan

Secondary attack: Hu Mingyuan, Gao Yi, Yang Hanyu

Answer: Gong Xiangyu, Wu Han

Second biography: Diao Linyu, Sun Haiping

Freeman: Lin Li, Meng Zixuan

Swiss women's volleyball elite China Women's volleyball schedule:

9.4 (II) 22:30 group a China vs Switzerland

9.6 (IV) 00:45 group a China vs Italy

9.7 (V) 00:45 group a China vs Turkey