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What's the reason why e-commerce banks can't transfer in funds

What's the reason why e-commerce banks can't transfer in funds many people are using e-commerce banks. Recently, many small partners complained that e-commerce banks can't transfer cash. Binding bank cards also shows that transfer in service is suspended. What's the matter? How can Internet commercial banks not transfer in funds? Let's have a look.

1、 Suspension of some bank transfer in services by e-commerce banks

According to the announcement issued by e-commerce bank, as of August 22, 2018, 7 banks could not transfer funds to e-commerce bank through quick payment, including:

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of communications, postal savings bank of China, Huaxia Bank, industrial bank.

In addition, there are some banks that can't be transferred in for a certain period of time. From the data, these banks have a large number of users, which really has a great impact on everyone.

2、 Function of online commercial bank to suspend unbound bank transfer

In the past, you can transfer money directly to the bank account of e-commerce through any bank's mobile banking or online banking, but now this function is also limited.

According to the announcement of e-commerce bank, transfer from non binding bank card to e-commerce bank is not supported since January 1, 2018, that is to say, user a can no longer transfer to user B's e-commerce bank, and user B can only transfer to his e-commerce bank account with the bank card bound in the e-commerce bank app.

3、 The solution to the problem that e-commerce bank can't transfer in

According to the above two announcements, there are several ways to transfer funds to e-commerce banks:

1. The cards other than those of the seven banks are transferred in directly by quick payment;

2. The card bound to the e-commerce bank app transfers directly to the e-commerce bank account through the E-bank or manual bank;

3. first transfer the funds in the card to the Alipay balance, then transfer the Alipay balance to the current account with APP.

In addition, xicaijun actually found that CCB card can be transferred in directly, but the limit is 5000. So, if you only have those 7 restricted bank cards, you can also try whether you can transfer in. The specific situation is subject to the page display.