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Schedule of 2018 World Club Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Club Cup draw was held in Zurich, Switzerland. Among them, Real Madrid and the South American liberator's Cup champions will directly advance to the semi-finals, Guadalajara, non champion and Asian champion to the quarter finals, while Wellington and ain will first have a preliminary competition to compete for a quarter finals. Let's take a look at the 2018 World Club Cup Schedule.

2018 World Club Cup Schedule full version sharing

Specific draw and match (Beijing time):

Scene 1: Al Ain vs Wellington, December 12, 23:30

Game 2, African League champions vs first game winners, December 15, 21:00

Game 3, Champions League vs Guadalajara, December 16 0:30

Game 4: 5 / 6 qualifying, December 18, 21:30

Semi final: South American liberator cup champion vs second game winner, December 19 0:30

Semi final: winner of game 3 vs Real Madrid, 0:30, December 20

Game 7: 3 / 4 finals, December 22, 21:30

Game 8: final, December 23, 0:30