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List of 14 National People's Congress of the 2018 men's basketball world preliminary

This month, the men's Basketball World Cup qualifier will be kicked off again. Today, the American men's basketball team announced the list of 14 people who participated in the training. Their training venue is Las Vegas, starting on Thursday. The second round of qualifiers will be held in late this month, with the US men's basketball team facing Uruguay on September 15 and Panama on September 18.

The specific list of 14 people included: Bryce Alford (guard), Dwayne barken (scoring guard), VJ bichim (forward), Jordan Crawford (scoring guard), Henry Allen (forward / Center), Reggie Hearn (guard), IsiA Hicks (power forward), dhakari Johnson (Center), Frank Mason III (point guard), Ben Moore (forward), Jason Randall (point guard), Travis Trez (point guard), Jamil voney (power forward), Derek white (point guard).

In the first round of qualifiers, the American men's basketball team mainly sent players from the Development League, such as voney and Hearn, who are still selected this time. But most of the players in this list are in the NBA contract range, such as bucken is the hornet, Allen is the piston, Hicks is the Knicks, Mason is the king, Trez is the Bucks, and King's white.

In addition, it's worth mentioning that Jordan Crawford was also a player who was famous for his slamming LeBron before he entered the NBA. He was also a "CBA star" who had shot 72 points in a single game.

Jeff Van Gundy is the coach of the U.S. men's basketball team in the World Cup qualifier. In the first round of the qualifier, the U.S. men's basketball team was 5-1, and they tied with the Argentine men's basketball team for the first place in group E. If the ranking is kept to the bottom, they will be eligible for the men's Basketball World Cup in China next year.