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What are the precautions for wearing contact lenses

What are the precautions for wearing contact lenses many friends have requirements for their own image, and they only wear contact lenses for myopia. However, it's hard to distinguish the front and the back for those who have just started wearing contact lenses, so how can contact lenses distinguish the front and the back? What are the precautions when wearing? Come and have a look.

Distinguish the front and back of the lens correctly:

(1) Observation method: the front is bowl-shaped and the back is disc-shaped. People wearing the reverse lens will feel foreign matters and the lens will slide indefinitely in the eye, which will also affect the visual clarity.

(2) Clamping method: use thumb and index finger to flatten the middle part of the lens. If it is the front side, the lens should curl inward. If it is turned outward, it is the reverse side.

How to wear contact lenses

1. Place the lens on the fingertip of the index finger, look at the mirror in front of the eyes, pull the upper and lower eyelids apart with the middle finger of both hands to completely expose the cornea (black eyeball), attach the lens to the cornea, and then remove the index finger.

2. The air in the lens is flushed out with tears when the eyeball moves up, down, left and right. After the lens is completely attached to the cornea, the upper and lower eyelids of the two fingers are relaxed slowly.

Preparation before wearing

1. Wash your hands with neutral soap, and do not leave anything on your hands, so as not to contaminate the lenses.

2. The fingernails of index finger and thumb should be cut and polished in advance to avoid eye and lens injury.

3. Determine and distinguish the left eye lens and the right eye lens. They cannot be worn interchangeably.

4. Wash the lens with full function care solution and check whether the lens is damaged.