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How to close IOS 12 beta update prompt

How to close IOS 12 beta update prompt it's getting closer to the launch of the new iPhone, and the official version of IOS 12 is coming soon. Recently, many users have reported that they have received the IOS 12 beta update. What's the matter? How to close the update prompt of IOS 12 beta? Come and have a look.

In response to this feedback, apple didn't respond officially, but there was also feedback from netizens. Even if they updated the IOS 12 beta 10 beta or IOS 12 beta 8 beta, they could still receive such a reminder.

If there is no accident, this should be due to Apple's early release of system reminders, which should be caused by an error of Apple engineers. Of course, it can't be ruled out that Apple intentionally let users see it. In this way, in order to meet the arrival of the official version, let more IOS 12 beta version be updated earlier for experience.

Of course, the above reasons are just the conjectures of Xiaobian. As for the reasons, we can only wait for apple to respond to them. Then how to close and prevent the pop-up window from coming out? It's very simple. We just need to enter the settings - General - time and date, turn off the automatic settings first, then turn on the automatic settings, and finally restart the device.