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Can the money in WeChat be transferred to Alipay? Can Alipay's money go directly to WeChat?

Can WeChat's money transferred to Alipay Alipay be transferred directly to WeChat?

Sihai: now mobile payment is developed. Now you just need to carry your mobile phone with you. You can fix everything even if you can eat and shop, but sometimes you can brush money in Alipay, but can you turn it into WeChat? Come and have a look.

The answer is No. Whether Alipay transfers WeChat or WeChat transfers Alipay, it is necessary to transfer money to the bank card first.

The convenience of network consumption has greatly promoted people's consumption desire. The huge transaction flow has generated two most popular payment platforms, Alipay and WeChat. Because of the competitive relationship between the two platforms, most of them only support one of the platforms, so the flow of funds between these two platforms becomes very necessary.

Alipay can not transfer directly to WeChat, Alipay can only transfer to Alipay account or bank account, that is to say, it can only transfer account to WeChat friend's Alipay account or bank card account.

It can not be directly transferred, indirect use Alipay to transfer money to the bank card, then from bank card to WeChat wallet, Alipay now has real-time arrival account, and it will not waste time.