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List of the most radiation and radiation resistant plants in the Office

List of the most radiation and radiation resistant plants in the Office for office workers, computers are necessary office tools, but long time radiation in front of computers is inevitable. Electronic products in daily life basically have certain radiation, so people think of using some potted plants to prevent radiation, so which plants in the office prevent radiation? Let's have a look.

1. Cactus / cactus

Cactus or cactus can effectively absorb electromagnetic waves, ultraviolet rays, etc., with strong radiation resistance. In addition to their ornamental value, they are a natural oxygen bar, which can absorb dust and purify air. They also have high medicinal value, such as clearing away heat and detoxification, removing blood stasis and swelling.

2. Banyan

In addition to absorbing radiation, banyan can also improve the humidity of our room, absorb indoor formaldehyde, toluene, etc., purify the indoor air, and let our skin breathe healthily.

3. Chloranthus

It's also called goldenrod and devil rattan. It's called "flower of life". It's easy to feed. It can reduce the harm of radiation to human body, and has a very strong air purification ability. It can transform indoor toxic substances into amino acids, etc. at the same time, it has strong self winding, and is a better ornamental plant.

4. Chlorophytum

In addition to radiation protection, Chlorophytum is also a small expert in air purification. It can absorb more than 80% of the toxic gases in the room. A basin of Chlorophytum can act on a whole room.

5. Millennial wood

As we say, Millennium wood generally refers to Zhujiao. Because of its unique appearance and gorgeous colors, it has become the favorite of interior designers. It can effectively prevent radiation, at the same time, it can also play a better role in purifying the air and decomposing toxic substances.

6. Sky scale

The ruler is a good air purifying plant, which can absorb formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.

The right way to prevent computer radiation

First, when operating a computer, a special color filter board is added to the display to reduce the harm of radiation. In addition, try not to place miscellaneous metal objects indoors to avoid the re radiation of electromagnetic wave.

Second, when using the computer, you should adjust the brightness of the screen. Generally speaking, the greater the brightness of the screen, the stronger the electromagnetic radiation, and vice versa. Therefore, the screen should not be too bright, in order to reduce the screen radiation on the human body.

Third, the mother to be should keep a proper distance from the monitor during operation. The correct distance should be 0.5m away from the display.

Fourth, the mother to be should wash her face with clear water after operating the computer. Because in the operation of the computer, there are many particles of electromagnetic radiation adsorbed on the face, which forms the electromagnetic pollution of the face and damages the skin. Generally speaking, after receiving electromagnetic radiation, wash your face with clean water, which can reduce the radiation by more than 90%.

Fifth, eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, rape, kelp, cabbage, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein to strengthen the body's ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.