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Can autumn diarrhea be prevented by vaccination? Will you have diarrhea in autumn after vaccination

autumn is a season of high incidence of various diseases, so for families with children, they must be prepared in advance! Autumn is a season of changeable temperature, and it is also a season of diarrhea in children. Autumn infantile diarrhea for parents, it is a great torture, every day to pull seven or eight times, and anorexia is not very upset? So at their own expense, do you want to play autumn diarrhea vaccine? After playing, will autumn diarrhea?

What are the benefits of a rotavirus vaccine?

The rotavirus vaccine is resistant to rotavirus. Rotavirus is the most common cause of diarrhea in children under 5 years old in China and all over the world. Severe diarrhea (commonly known as' autumn diarrhea ') caused by the virus is often accompanied by fever, vomiting and dehydration. In autumn, diarrhea is highly infectious and easily spread through human to human contact.

Due to the fact that personal and environmental health can not effectively resist the diseases caused by rotavirus, vaccination is the best way to prevent rotavirus, and the side effects of rotavirus vaccine are very small. Rotavirus vaccine can prevent 98% of children from severe diarrhea, 74% of children can avoid rotavirus diarrhea (autumn diarrhea).

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, more than 140 million children suffer from rotavirus diarrhea every year in the world, accounting for 25% - 50% of all hospitalized children. It can cause more than 600000 children to die, accounting for 5% of the deaths of children under 5 years old.

China is a country with serious rotavirus damage. According to the data, about 17 million children are infected with rotavirus every year, and nearly 40000 cases are dead, accounting for 31.6% - 52.9% of the hospitalized children with diarrhea under 5 years old.

According to the data of Beijing immunization planning network in April 2009, the only oral live rotavirus vaccine listed in China is the ovine rotavirus vaccine. At present, nearly 10 million doses have been used, and no serious adverse reactions or intussusception cases have been reported.

Other experience mothers' opinions on whether to vaccinate the diarrhea vaccine in autumn:

Mom's experience: my family has vaccines, Hib and rotavirus. It's better to get a shot now than to be ill then. But don't take it lightly. Usually, we should pay attention to sanitation, cold and hot, etc

Mom's experience: I suggest. Last year, when we got vaccinated, we were delayed because of the cold. As a result, rotavirus infection occurred. The doctor said that diarrhea in autumn was often called as diarrhea. It took nearly a month for me to have a sharp effect. I was so distressed that I pulled water like a tadpole's stool all day long. It was too scary. It took several days for the infusion to get better. I suggest your baby play.

Mom's experience: a few days ago my baby had diarrhea. First low fever, diarrhea only 2 days later, I checked 1 on the Internet, think it is autumn diarrhea. We went to a small clinic to get the medicine that we made and pasted the navel. It's good in two days. Our baby diarrhea is to get medicine there, which is very effective! I don't think we need to fight the diarrhea vaccine in autumn ~ ~ ~ ~ but we hit the measles and mumps that our family has children

Mom's experience: the autumn diarrhea vaccine is liquid medicine, drink, our baby has drunk 148 yuan this year. I think it should be taken. The child diarrhea is very troublesome