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How to take photos with wechat camera

How to take photos with wechat camera Recently, wechat launched a small program called photosensitive camera, which attracted the attention of users. Many friends want to know how to shoot the photosensitive camera. The following editor will teach you how to use wechat photosensitive camera and a tutorial. Let's have a look.

Wechat camera tutorial:

If you want to use a photosensitive camera in wechat, you need to click the key word of search "photosensitive camera" first, so as to enter the small program to start operating the settings. If you can't find the applet, you can try upgrading wechat to the latest version before searching.

If users still can't find the app for the camera, it means the official has temporarily removed the app. Now we can only wait for it to go online again, and then we can use the camera normally!