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What's the flower for teachers' day? What's the flower for teachers' day in 2018

It's the annual Teacher's day soon. How can I send greetings to my hardworking teachers and what kind of gifts can I give them? What kind of flowers would be more suitable? Let's have a look.

What's a good gift for teachers' Day 2018

It's human nature to love flowers most conveniently. A simple bunch of flowers will brighten people's eyes, and clear away the gloom, boredom and melancholy. Like a patient sending me flowers, I usually don't refuse them, and I feel very proud.

Carnation: passionate love, maternal love, beauty, true love, purity

Lily: pure, happy, blessing, Zhuang Yan

Poinsettia: blessing

Camellia: natural beauty, tenacity.

Don't forget me: friendship

Plum blossom: noble and unswerving

Tulip is holy, blessed and eternal

1. Because teachers usually work standing up, very tired. You can buy her a massage pad. From the perspective of caring for teachers in details and sending health to teachers, teachers will be moved

2. Buying desk accessories, creative pen holders and cups are all gifts that teachers usually use. It's practical and memorable

3. It's also a good choice to buy some gifts like scarves and wallets!

4. Notebook, pen and album are also suitable.

5. You can also choose gifts according to your teacher's hobbies. It's always right to give what you like.

Choose gifts according to your feelings and the feelings you want to express. It's probably so much. Choose gifts according to your specific situation.