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Zhou xunkou red number

"Ruyi biography" is on the air. Zhou Xun's acting, makeup and clothing, including the oral red number, have become a question for everyone after dinner. Many fairies want to know what the oral red number Zhou Xun uses? What color numbers do you use for lipstick in Ruyi biography? Let's have a look.

Zhou Xun's lipstick color

For example, Zhou Xun's make-up was really ugly at the beginning of the broadcast. Fortunately, it's much more normal after that. The red number can also make you feel the young girl feeling of Mr. Zhou. How many lipsticks did Mr. Zhou change from her teenage years to her retirement?

Generally speaking, it's a big hostess here. The protagonist will experience a change in character, including the change in makeup. Lip makeup will change a little bit from light to light. The color of love can naturally lift Huang Sang's lips~

Zhou Xun's lips in the story of Ruyi are lighter in her teenage years. Later, as a side blessing and successor, she began to make more and more regular makeup. Rose red is both pretty and full, which is very consistent with Ruyi's character. The way she toots her mouth makes the emperor love her very much.

When you are in a high position, there must be purple.

As the hostess of the TV series, and later the queen, the standard color is of course 'palace red'!

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Giorgio Armani Velour Matte Lip Glaze 400 rmn310

The texture is magical. The color of the arm is like paint, but the mask is super strong after the mouth is put on. It instantly softens the matte texture of the skin, and it feels like sand. Miraculously, it is still a relatively moist matte texture.

It's a very positive red color. It's powerful to put on the aura. If you don't want to be aggressive, you can put it on your lips. You will feel gentle.

Shuuemura new colorless limited gloss Lip Glaze

This series has 16 colors, including this year's hottest nude color, classic and playful coral color, personalized pink and purple color, and sexy red color. 05 the queen is in red, which is a little more girlish than in red, and the effect of highlighting is also very good

Ruyi Chuankou red number

Nude orange pink

In Ruyi biography, empress Fucha is a little scheming, but it is caused by being instigated. Originally, she was also gentle, courteous and thrifty, and her mother loved the world. With Dong Jie's own temperament, her lip color is also a warm naked orange pink, which just plumps her slightly thin lip shape.

Tangerine powder

Hailan, the princess of pleasure in the legend of Ruyi, is played by Zhang Junning. Her naked orange lips are good for neutralizing her contoured face, because Zhang Junning's own facial features give people a sense of delicacy, while Hailan's character is relatively gentle. It's appropriate to use such lip makeup to highlight her personality.

Lotus root Pink

Li Qin plays Han Xiangjian in the legend of Ruyi. She is probably the princess of huanzhuge. Her beauty and body make Qianlong fascinated by her, but she is not moved. Her heart is as still as water. She is not only beautiful in appearance, but also cold. It can be said that she is the beauty of the Buddhist family in the harem.

Most of the time, her lips are light lotus root pink, fresh and elegant. But because it is a foreign woman, occasionally some bright and moving make-up, lip color is also more gorgeous.

Rose purple

Although Gao Guifei in the biography of Ruyi is not a "fuel-efficient lamp", she is pure and sweet from the perspective of actors' temperament, so she specially uses the rose purple lip color to create the feeling of "scheming city".

Plum color

In the biography of Ruyi, Wei Juwan is not like Wei Yingluo with her open and hanging grace. Wei Juwan was originally a little maid. After being bullied, she became the ultimate boss. Her 'desire' can be interpreted from her eyes.

Li Chun plays Wei Juwan. Her eyes are firm. Her lip makeup is plum color. It gives her a charming, mysterious, tough and ambitious feeling.

Every concubine's lipstick color has its own characteristics. When it's on the screen, we can also judge the character according to the lip color, which is very easy to play in ancient costume dramas now.