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What to drink in autumn and what to eat in autumn

Many people will feel cool in autumn. But there will also be a feeling that their physical fitness is not so good. On the contrary, there will be a lot of moisture. For many people, it is still a bad thing. What to eat and drink in autumn is the best way to get rid of moisture? Come and have a look.

What to drink in autumn is the best way to get rid of moisture

The first thing I think about is job's tears. In food, job's moisture removing effect is very obvious. Many people are used to making porridge and drinking, which is actually a good way. Of course, job's tears is not only a kind of food.

1. Coix seed tea

Ingredients: Job's tears, Euryale nuts, green tea.

Method: dry job's tears, euryale seed and green tea, then boil water and drink it as tea.

Efficacy: drink the tea of euryale seed and job's tears, which has the functions of strengthening the spleen and removing dampness, promoting water and swelling, relaxing the tendons and removing arthralgia, clearing away heat and pus, etc. Among them, job's tears is the most famous dehumidification material. Euryale is good for invigorating the spleen. A cup of job's tears tea containing job's tears and Euryale in the morning and evening is good for invigorating the spleen at the same time of dehumidification.

2. Chen PI Fu Ling tea

Ingredients: 5g Poria cocos and 2G tangerine peel.

Method: wash Poria cocos and tangerine peel, put them into a heat preservation cup, pour hot water into the cup, wait for 5 minutes to drink.

Efficacy: Invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, resolving phlegm and reducing weight, invigorating the spleen and drying dampness, resolving phlegm and removing fat.

3. Three fresh teas

Ingredients: 30g fresh Huoxiang, 30g fresh Peilan and 30g fresh mint.

Method: cut up the raw materials, slightly decoct, take the juice instead of tea.

Efficacy: Sanxian tea has the effect of relieving heat and clearing away heat, and relieving the symptoms of stomach. Among them, fresh Huoxiang and fresh Peilan can clear away the heat and dampness, relieve the symptoms of stomach, and add mint, which can strengthen the function of dispersing and removing pathogenic factors, clearing away heat and removing wind.

4. Corn whisker leaf

Pick clean corn whiskers and corn leaves to boil water together, and drink that water for a while longer. But it's better not to drink it before going to bed, because it's easy to have the effect of diuresis in the body because of sleeping, which leads to more serious moisture instead of getting rid of it. In autumn, you can get more leaves of fibrous seeds when you have corn, and you can drink them in the sun for a year, so you can't get them in the season without corn.

What to eat in autumn to get rid of moisture

Dehumidification is all healthy vegetables. If you eat too greasy, you will easily get heavy moisture. Dehumidification requires a good life and rest. Eat more healthy food.

1. Balsam pear has a bitter, non-toxic and cold nature. It can enter the heart, liver, spleen and lung meridians. It has the functions of clearing eyes and detoxification, reducing blood pressure and sugar, diuresis and cooling blood, relieving labor and clearing heart, and benefiting qi. Because bitter melon contains quinine, it has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, removing dampness and relieving itching.

2. Lentil is a mild and sweet medicine for invigorating spleen and moistening dampness. It can strengthen the spleen and the middle, detoxify and detumescence, dehumidify and stop diarrhea. It is suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, loose stool diarrhea, body fatigue, edema, diarrhea, chest tightness and other diseases. Lentils are high in potassium and low in sodium, and regular consumption is conducive to the protection of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and the regulation of blood pressure.

3. Wax gourd skin has the effect of removing dampness and swelling. Dongguapi decoction can treat nephritis, heart failure, cirrhosis and beriberi.

4. Job's tears is a commonly used medicine for promoting water and dampness. Good job's tears have a taste of medicine, no mildew and no hair. Job's tears can cook porridge with red beans, that is, simply add red beans to job's tears instead of rice, drink water and eat beans, and long-term adherence will have an effect.

5. Yam has no direct dehumidification effect, but yam can nourish the spleen, indirectly can let the body out of moisture. Yams can be fried, stewed, or made into snacks, steamed and dipped in white sugar. The Chinese yam with iron stick is better. It belongs to the combination of medicine and food. It has a better effect on tonifying the spleen, and it can also replenish qi, which is better than the common domestic Chinese yam.

6. Capsicum is rich in carotene, protein, fat, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. In addition, capsaicin also contains a substance called capsaicin, which can make people's heart beat faster, pores expand, skin capillaries expand, blood flow to the body surface, so the whole body feels warm.

7. Cabbage, also known as turnip, mustard, mustard pimple, is a variety of mustard, mustard for the root. It has a compact texture, less water, more fiber, strong mustard and slightly bitter taste.