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What will be the final box office of wolf 2 in real time the box office of "war wolf 2" has been triumphant and has broken all domestic box office records. At present, the cumulative box office in China has reached 5.135 billion, and it has gone to the 5.5 billion mark. It is predicted that the final box office of "war wolf 2" may reach 5.8 billion or so. Many netizens are curious about who is the biggest winner when "war wolf 2" has won such a big victory. Let's take a look!

From the long list of producers, we can see that wolf 2 has 14 producers and 7 distributors.

The film has long been disclosed to have been issued with a guaranteed minimum of 800 million yuan. Beijing culture, together with the United Film and television Federation, has jointly contributed to the film's guaranteed minimum, and Wujing's peak international has locked in 217 million yuan in advance.

Before the movie was released, Wu Jing said in an interview that the cost of the guaranteed income of more than 200 million yuan just covered could not make him make money. Because the 80 million budget invested by Wujing has been overspent, after the bottom guarantee, Wujing, which locked in profits, subsequently increased its investment by 70 million, and successively introduced other companies to increase their investment.

At the beginning of August, it was once reported on the Internet that Wu Jing had mortgaged his villa for filming "wolf 2". Xie Nan, his wife, never left his small house to raise him.

Later, Xie Nan officially denied on Weibo: 'I said to raise him with a small house, but it was in the first time of the war. '

Xie Nan's clarification micro blog, some "wolf 1" things were Zhang Guanli Dai to the second.

Among the investors of the second part, in addition to the old investors of Wujing's company Dengfeng international and spring and autumn era, taunt film industry and other "war wolf", new faces such as bona, Wanda and oneness have also been added.

But these companies didn't disclose their investment proportion actively, and it's unclear how much money they can get from the final box office.

The shareholders of wolf 2

The biggest beneficiary is undoubtedly Beijing culture.

According to public information, Beijing culture provides 800 million yuan of guaranteed box office revenue for "war wolf 2". For the part with the total box office of more than 1.5 billion yuan, the issuer's box office share is 15% (including 8.25% of Beijing Culture).

On the evening of August 1, Beijing Culture released a notice to disclose the cumulative box office of wolf 2. In an interview with China Securities News, Chen Chen Chen, the company's secretary of directors, said: 'of the more than 200 million total investments in wolf 2, we only invested more than 5 million. The investment of guaranteed issuance is 140 million yuan. If the box office reaches 2 billion yuan, the net profit invested by the company will reach 70-80 million yuan. '

It can be concluded that at present, the box office of "wolf 2" has reached 3.5 billion yuan, and the profit of Beijing culture has exceeded 100 million yuan.

Other producers, led by Wu Jing, will earn more than one billion yuan. If the cost is based on the 200 million cost that Wu Jing said in an interview, and Wu Jing has invested 150 million yuan, it means that Wu Jing has the absolute 'big head' among the 14 producers.

The box office revenue of the film is only a part of the cake. The stock of Beijing culture has risen by more than 50% since the 13 days of the release of "war wolf 2", once experienced a fluctuation, and its market value has increased by more than 7.5 billion. However, on the same day that warwolf 2 broke the record (August 7), five top executives of Beijing culture reduced their holdings, which caused the stock price of Beijing culture to nearly stop at the end of the next day (August 8).

This' inspirational 'story also attracted the high-profile voices of Chinese film, Jiecheng stock and other capital parties at the beginning of this month, emphasizing their identity of participating in "wolf 2". As a participant, the shares of these companies also rose by a large margin.

According to the statistics of 21st century economic report, as one of the joint producers, the share price of Jiecheng Co., Ltd. rose from 9.11 yuan to 10.02 yuan as of August 4, with a market value increase of 2.33 billion yuan calculated by the company's total share capital of 2.555 billion yuan.

There are risks in guaranteed issuance

Light media also made an announcement that it participated in the investment of wolf 2. On the day of the announcement, the stock price of light media rose more than 9 points. Even the media sector is on fire. While Wanda's shares are being suspended, many shareholders lament that Wanda has missed a wave of opportunities to make a big profit by means of "burst money".

It is reported that in the early stage of Wu Jing's preparation for the production of "war wolf", because there is no hot star, no hot IP, and no promising theme, many old and large film and television companies have a distant attitude towards the play. Even dozens of investors, including state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, listed companies, and leading companies in the film and television industry, have signed contracts. At last, they run away at different stages, or even temporarily break the contracts. This leads to a gap of 20 million yuan. In the end, it was up to the director and several acquaintances to borrow money.

Among these companies, what seems a little awkward at present is the light. On July 28, ray boss Wang Changtian posted a micro blog congratulation on the good results of the first day of "wolf 2".

And Xie Nan, Wu Jing's wife, who used to be the host of ray, replied: 'I've been hesitating for a long time, I don't know how to get back. Thank you, Mr. Wang. I hope that one day, people who understand him will be a little relaxed. '

According to the film daily, when Wu Jing was working on "war wolf", he used to look for light. At that time, Wu Jing had made a film called "wolf tooth", which had a disastrous box office. The box office was only 4.5 million. Ray originally invested in wolf of war, but later withdrew. When "wolf 2" was released, the relevant personnel also looked for the light. But in the end, the main choice of light is the big IP fantasy movie "three lives, three lives and ten miles peach blossom". Not only is the box office not as good as the former, but also the negative news of word-of-mouth and fans' lock up is enough to make the light sad.

Wang Changtian, a long micro blog, shows the complicated game process between film industry and capital behind the choice of films.

Just as an actor shouldn't miss a role of a blockbuster, it's wise after the fact to laugh at investors. Don't forget that the light took over the "lost in Thailand" that nobody dared to cast.

In this summer's archives, 300 million guaranteed "peerless master", 800 million guaranteed "war wolf 2", "three born three lives" and 397 million guaranteed "embroidered spring knife 2", only "war wolf 2" has become the winner.