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What's the name of the new iPhone in 2018? What's the new function of iPhone XS

What's the name of the new iPhone in 2018? What's the new function of iPhone XS on August 31, according to foreign media reports, just hours after Apple announced that it would hold its autumn new product launch on September 12, 9to5mac, the apple information website, found the name and spy photos of the new iPhone that Apple accidentally leaked. Recently, apple officially released an invitation letter and will hold a new product launch on September 12 local time. The main role of this launch is naturally the new iPhone. The naming of 2018 iPhone has been controversial. Some people say it's called iPhone 9 and others say it's called iPhone 11. What's the name of 2018 new iPhone? How many versions of the new iPhone are there? What are the highlights? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

Apple's next flagship iPhone, the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models, is known as the iPhone XS. In addition, the new leaked spy photos also confirm that Apple will launch a larger screen, redesigned Apple watch series 4, similar to the rumored design for several months.

As previously reported, the successor to iPhone x is indeed named iPhone XS, and it is clear that the word 'plus' will be removed from the name of the larger model. In addition, the newly leaked images confirm the golden version of the flagship iPhone, which previously had only two versions: black or space gray and white or silver.

Each version of the iPhone XS is expected to be paired with an OLED screen, a dual lens rear camera, and an apple A12 processor (faster and more power efficient than the a11 on the iPhone x). The smaller iPhone XS looks almost the same as the iPhone x, while the larger version will have a 6.5-inch screen, the largest iPhone to date.

As rumor has it, the apple watch series 4 has a larger screen, reducing the borders around the previous screen, which allows its clock side to display more information. It has eight complex functions, including clicking on sub applications such as weather, music, events and calendars, which look like 'UVI' readings, allowing the wearer to quickly display the UV index for outdoor use.

Some of the complex features are beyond the apple watch's current display. The current temperature is displayed next to a sliding table with the highest and lowest temperature of the day; upcoming appointments are displayed in circles to accommodate more text on the screen, and the timer has a completion bar next to the digital countdown. Obviously, for watchos 5 on new devices, many software changes are in place.

Some hardware changes are also obvious. The latest photo shows a new hole between digital crown and the side button, which could be a microphone or speaker hole. The nuances between digital crown and button design are also evident in the new models, including a more elegant indication on LTE honeycomb - the red circle instead of the full red circle.

There are reliable reports that the apple watch series 4 will improve battery performance and health tracking, with both 38 mm and 42 mm screens increasing by 15%. Despite significant internal changes, the new watch is expected to remain compatible with the previous Apple watch strap.