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August 31 live address and time of the 2018 UEFA Cup group draw

The UEFA Cup draw will be held in Monaco at 13:00 on August 31 (19:00 on the same day in Beijing). All 48 teams will be ranked according to their UEFA points coefficient to determine four gears. Finally, 12 teams can be included in each gear of the team.

Under the new rules, UEFA's integration coefficient will be calculated according to the points won in the past five years in the European war. If it is the same, then compare the points coefficient of the league in the same period. Teams from the same league will not meet in the group match, and the specific draw process will be confirmed before the start of the draw ceremony. Ranking of participating teams and UEFA points coefficient (27 teams have been determined, 17 of which are automatically promoted to the championship). In addition, there are four teams eliminated in the third round of the Champions League qualification will be promoted to the Europa League.

Six teams that have been eliminated in the Champions League qualifier plus will qualify for the Europa League final. In addition to the above 27 teams, 21 teams will be promoted through the Europa League playoff, a total of 48 teams. The confirmed teams for the UEFA Cup are: Arsenal (England), Chelsea (England), Leverkusen (Germany), Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine), Salzburg (Austria), Villarreal (Spain), Anderlecht (Belgium), Lazio (Italy). Portugal sports (Portugal), Marseille (France), Thessaloniki (Greece), AC Milan (Italy). Fenerbahce (Turkey), Krasnodar (Russia), Royal Betis (Spain), Borisov (Belarus). Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Frankfurt (Germany), Spartak Moscow (Russia), Standard Liege (Belgium). Zurich (Switzerland), Rennes (France), Poltava volskla (Ukraine), Slavia sport Prague (Czech Republic). Aksisar sports (Turkey), jablonets (Czech Republic), vidiolton (Hungary). Other teams will be decided in the early morning of Beijing time, and many strong teams are expected to advance smoothly, such as Celtic, Besiktas, Olympiacos, Glasgow Rangers, Leipzig Red Bull, Atlanta, etc.

[live race]: draw for the Europa League group match

[live broadcast time]: 19:00, August 31, 2018

[draw venue]: gramati Convention Center

[live address]: A kind of version_ =1.0