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How to buy train ticket by wechat in 2018

How to buy train ticket by wechat in 2018 in the past two years, mobile payment has been developing rapidly. You don't need to worry about leaving your wallet when you go out. Not only that, now you can buy train tickets with wechat. Let's see how wechat can buy train tickets.

The flow chart of wechat buying high-speed rail tickets can be purchased in wechat wallet according to the steps. The flow chart is as follows:

1. First, click wechat, click me, wallet, air ticket and train ticket to enter;

2. Switch to the train ticket, fill in the departure city, arrival city and departure date, and then query;

3、 After the query results come out, select the train number to be purchased, add passengers, contact phone number, and then submit the order;

4. Then pay with wechat payment and you can book the ticket successfully. Go to the railway station and get the ticket with your ID card.