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How to open wechat campaign in 2018

How to open wechat campaign in 2018 do you often take steps in the circle of friends? Wechat has become the most dependent social software for people. Many people like to take steps in their circle of friends. Sports have also become a fashion. Many friends don't know how to open wechat sports. Don't worry. Here's the right way to open wechat sports for you.

Ways to open wechat

Take IOS system as an example. Android system is almost the same, which can also be used as a reference.

First, upgrade IOS system and wechat version to the latest version.

Enter wechat, find settings in my interface, and click to enter the settings interface.

Find "general" in the setting interface, and click to enter the general interface.

Click "function" in the general interface to enter the function interface.

In the function interface, you can see which functions wechat has enabled and which functions have not been started. At the bottom, you can see the "wechat movement" not enabled. Click this function to open the enabling interface and click enable.

Click enable to enter the enabling setting interface, where you can see the main control options.

You can view and try your own personalized conversation settings.

Click to enter 'my home page', you can jump to wechat sports personal interface, where you can see basic information, such as daily walking data, or click Add to enter the add interface, where you can select the person you want to pay attention to, add him / her to enter and pay attention to.

You can also click '...' in the upper right corner to enter the sharing and operation interface.

You can see an additional wechat sports bar in wechat chat interface. Click to enter the main interface of this function. You can enter the setting interface through the setting button in the upper right corner. There is a ranking at the bottom. Click to enter to see some data of wechat friends who have enabled this function.

This function of wechat integration is very convenient, and there is no need to install some step-by-step software independently.