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What is Bailu tea? The difference between Bailu tea and Hanlu tea

It's autumn right now. It's almost the time of Bailu. Even if Bailu can live up to the real autumn, the air temperature will always drop. At this time, the tea loving friends will be very happy, because the tea in Bailu season is the most delicious.

What is Bailu tea? Is Bailu tea the same as Hanlu tea? What's the difference? Let's take a look.

What kind of tea does Bailu tea belong to

It refers to the tea at the time of Bailu solar term. Generally, the colder the time is, the better the quality of tea will be. It needs to have a good discrimination ability. Of course, friends who often drink tea are very experienced.

1. The buds and leaves are connected, and the tea stems are thick. After a hot summer transpiration, the substances in the white tea gradually accumulated and precipitated. With the cool weather in autumn, the connotation substances of the white tea are more abundant. Therefore, the taste of the white tea is more mellow, smooth and sweet.

2. White tea is also rich in vitamin C, which can stimulate the immune system to prevent and treat infection. Vitamin B2 in white tea can treat keratitis, angular stomatitis, lip injury, etc. It's no wonder that the old people in Fuding have oral problems, which are basically solved with white tea. In addition, the autumn climate turns cold, people are prone to influenza, often drinking white tea can effectively prevent cold and alleviate cold symptoms.

3. In Fuding, there is a saying that "spring tea is bitter, summer tea is astringent, tea is needed, and autumn White Dew" is the most earthly one. It has a high degree of trust. After all, local people in Fuding have been drinking white tea for a long time and drink more tea than us, which is their experience accumulation.

4. 'Bailu tea' is the tea picked in Bailu season. After the summer heat, tea trees will enter a good growth period before and after Bailu. Bailu tea is not as delicate and tender as spring tea, and it is not as dry and bitter as summer tea, but has a unique taste of glycol. Moreover, the spring tea stored at home is almost consumed. At this time, Bailu tea is being connected, so before and after Bailu, drink Bailu tea to quench thirst, prevent dryness and refresh yourself. So, the old tea guests like it very much.

The difference between Bailu tea and Hanlu tea

The main reason is that the time of picking is different. Many tea leaves should be picked and eaten when they are suitable.

1. From a simple temperature level analysis, it should be that the lower the temperature, the longer the growth cycle of tea, the more abundant the accumulated endoplasm, that is to say, the better the cold dew tea.

2. According to the theory of the influence of biological clock on life, according to the season, the lower the temperature, the more abundant the accumulated substances of tea. When the temperature is lower, the metabolism of tea tree becomes slower, the absorption and accumulation of substances also slows down. In addition, the sun moves south, the sunshine time is shortened, and the photosynthesis is reduced. Therefore, from the perspective of internal quality, the cold dew is not necessarily richer than the White Dew.

3. As for the taste and taste, it depends on the overall grasp of the tea maker. A few days ago, I compared several kinds of autumn white made by myself with those made by a large factory. From the taste point of view, the whole taste made by myself should be softer, with much lower astringency and stronger sense of coordination. Further understanding found that we had more screening and stacking links to further promote the taste transformation of white tea.

4. Bailu tea Bailu tea leaves are relatively small, and the edge of the leaves is narrow, it looks very gentle, although it can not be compared with spring tea, but it is also a good tea in autumn tea. Cold dew tea the leaves of cold dew tea are very large, and it looks very rough. At first glance, it is very similar to the leaves of trees. When making tea, it is very easy to open.

5. The color of Bailu tea Bailu tea is yellow, slightly orange, which looks close to honey water and red gold on the color card. Cold dew tea the color of cold dew tea is green. It looks green with a slight yellow inside. It looks like the color of tea is very clear and transparent. It is close to autumn fragrance color on the color card.

6. Bailu tea Bailu tea is the general name of tea growing in Bailu period. Bailu solar term sunshine is strong, the tea receives enough sunlight, has enough photosynthesis, the brewed tea soup is naturally delicious. Cold dew tea cold dew tea is the general name of tea growing in cold dew period. During the cold dew solar term, the sunshine began to shorten, the temperature difference between day and night was large, the tea did not have enough photosynthesis, the growing leaves were dark green, and the tea brewed was also green.