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What is black Koi? What does black Koi mean

Now it's a common phenomenon on the Internet to forward the blessing or wish of Koi, which represents a kind of good wish of netizens. But the black Koi appeared on Wang's Internet recently has aroused netizens' public anger. Let's see what's going on.

What is the stem of black carp

Recently, black Koi appeared on the hot microblog search. Many people don't know much about it. Maybe you only heard about Forwarding Koi's wishes. Black Koi and Koi play the same role, but they make wishes by abusing a specific object. This way is disgusted by many netizens.

Koi transshipment is very common. The lottery for star chasers in the exam is all turned around. It's not up to fate. But recently there is a new word called black Koi. Many netizens don't know what it means. Make a wish for good luck by abusing and cursing a person. It's similar to turning Koi to make a wish, but the condition is to insult / curse a specific object first. It is also a unique European and American circle, and the small partners of Marvel circle will certainly be familiar. I just didn't expect that such disgusting things would come out of the circle.

What is the meaning of Internet black Koi

Koi originally meant good luck, but black Koi made wishes in some immoral ways, which was not shamed by many people. We all know that turning koi is a popular word on the Internet. When everyone wants something, they will forward Koi for good luck. That is to say, they want to forward Koi pictures for good luck. Koi is a symbol of wealth and surplus. Some bloggers use it as a gimmick to get the amount of forwarding, and many netizens really hope to get good luck.


For the first time, I knew that there were still black Koi. Black Koi, at the beginning, the impression of onlookers was a landlord who prayed by cursing others. In general, we are happy to forward red Koi, and there is no malice. However, in the original, we did not rely on fate to forward black Koi, but on the curse of others, which is also immoral. Does not conscience hurt?

Click in, wow, amazing? The so-called black koi is to curse and insult an actor to achieve their so-called action of seeking blessings? Can such a request really bring a long way to the person who forwards it? The doughnut is terrible. For the first time, I saw the one who prayed for blessings by cursing others.

Good people will be rewarded with good fortune, and good luck will come naturally. However, such vicious people, who seek their own interests by harming others' interests, must have a Buddha who won't let you do what you want.

It's the first time I've heard about a black Koi & hellip; I thought it would be nice to forward the koi for good luck, but turning this is to seek peace of mind, which is a good expectation for the future. But after watching popular science, black Koi get good luck by abusing a person. Why is it so ZZ.