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Can coconut oil and butter replace butter

Coconut oil is a more popular health care product recently. Many friends are not particularly familiar with it. Which is better, coconut oil or butter? Can coconut oil replace butter? Follow Xiaobian to have a look.

Can coconut oil replace butter

It is known to many people that oil is put into meals. The varieties of oil used in each family are totally different. Some families use peanut oil, some use corn oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, and even butter. There are many choices. But in fact, there is a big difference. Today, let's talk about butter.

It's known that butter is generally used for making bread, dessert and pastry, mainly for its fragrance. It's also suitable for making bread. There is also household butter for cooking, but it's only used for making western food. Recently, it has been reported that in fact, butter may not be used completely, coconut oil can also be completely replaced, with more nutritional value, right? Reported that coconut oil tastes better than butter, because it is extracted from plants, healthy, and does not contain trans fatty acids, eating it will also reduce the intake of cholesterol.

1. Coconut oil also has disadvantages. Its shelf life is only two years. It must be used up within a few months and a year after Kaifeng. Coconut oil has strong oxidation resistance, and it is easy to deteriorate and solidify when it is infiltrated by external substances.

2. Coconut oil can clean the intestines, eat coconut oil directly and chew it in the mouth, which can maintain the oral health very well. Removing bad breath is also a good protection for teeth.

3. Coconut oil can remove makeup. Compared with other makeup removing products, coconut oil is very healthy. It will repair the skin instead of hurting the skin. It is a good product for makeup women.

4. Eating coconut oil, on the one hand, is really very healthy, but coconut oil is still associated with some cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, do not pay attention to the amount of cholesterol will rise.

Which is better, coconut oil or butter

1. First of all, when it comes to eating oil, we all think of fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids are generally found in animal fat. It's not good to eat too much animal oil. Unsaturated fatty acids are generally found in plants and are relatively healthy.

2. But coconut oil is an exception. Compared with olive oil, coconut oil has twice the saturated fatty acid of lard. What harm is lard? We all know that sometimes it tastes good, but lard does a lot of harm.

3. Butter is generally used to make cakes and fry steaks, but people who have eaten it all know that if you put it too much, it will be very greasy. Greasy means that oil will cause certain harm to blood vessels, and there will be cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is not a good thing.

In fact, back to the end, which is better, coconut oil or butter is just their own taste, because oil is a complex substance, and continuous research shows that a healthy oil is actually harmful to human body, and science has been studying many components of oil, and the formation of human disease is not only because of oil, but also not completely because of oil. But we try our best to choose healthy vegetable oil in our life, but we can't confuse one concept. Not all vegetable oil is healthy. This is also very different from the way of cooking. There are differences between low temperature and high temperature, cold cooking and hot cooking, but the only one is. Try to eat less junk food and more healthy food.