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Tiktok seed lollipop, where to buy tiktok seeds lollipop?

There is a lollipop on the jitter. Tiktok is beautiful. The beauty of the plant is said to be very unique with the seeds added to the plant. So where can I buy this lollipop? How much is it? Let's have a look.

How much is tiktok seed lollipop?

The price of this seed stick will be more expensive. It is said that one will cost 50 yuan.

Amblorella organic created a kind of lollipop to save the earth. The company created organic lollipops with a unique taste inside. Lollipops contain edible seeds and natural seasonings, but that's not all!

Lollipops are seeds inserted before making lollipops, which can grow different kinds of plants.

The working principle is very simple. You eat the lollipop and plant the seeds. Water every day, and soon you will have your own plants!

For example, strawberry and basil will grow basil, rosemary and mint will grow mint, peach and marigold will grow marigold. Is it beautiful and environmentally friendly?

Where to buy tiktok seeds lollipop?

At present, this lollipop is not sold in China. You can ask about it by purchasing American products. But it is said that this kind of lollipop is rare in foreign countries.

So there are less opportunities to buy!